Denver Lifts Ban on Pit Bulls as Part of a Plan to Cull Baby Population

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2020

“You came to the wrong neighborhood, baby.”

Denver has a problem: there are simply too many babies in the city, and they can’t manage the baby population.

So they’ve decided to introduce the baby’s natural predator.


For 30 years, it’s been illegal to own a pit bull in the city of Denver. But that could change after the city council voted to remove the ban.

The Denver City Council passed a new code in a 7-4 vote Monday allowing owners to register their pit bull with the Denver Animal Protection (DAP) and get a breed-restricted license.

Owners will need to provide a name and address for the dog, proof of microchipping, vaccination, neutering or spaying, and two emergency contacts. An annual fee will also be required to maintain the license, a tweet from the Denver City Council said.

The new law will take effect in 90 days if approved by Mayor Michael Hancock.

Additional conditions of the new law include notifying DAP if the dog escapes, bites someone, or dies. It also limits the number of pit bulls in one home to two.

Denver is a progressive city. The first city to legalize recreational marijuana usage.

Becoming the first city to introduce pit bulls as a way to cull their exploding infant population truly secures their place as a beacon of futurism in America.

Next they’ll bring Elon Musk in to start digging tunnels.