Denver Drag Show for Children Endures Amid Demonstrations

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019

How insane do you have to be to sit there and think to yourself “yes, these are the things I want my little one to be exposed to”?

Parents willingly taking their kids to “drag events” may be a greater threat to their kids than these drag queen faggots.

Herald Publicist:

A month-to-month Denver drag present for kids gained momentum Sunday, drawing greater than 100 members regardless of demonstrations outdoors pitting “antifa” activists towards “Colorado Proud Boys” and non secular critics of gender-bending dress-up exercise.

Moms and dads escorted carefully-coiffed youngsters, largely aged 7 to 12, via the fracas as about 60 demonstrators squared off. Excessive-decibel activists on either side got here prepared for a struggle, sporting helmets, masks and goggles with some clutching Plexiglas shields.

Denver police stored the peace. Seven parked cruisers and armed officers with pepper spray held floor between opposing factions for greater than two hours, till demonstrators left because the three-hour present started on a stage within the Mile Excessive Comics retailer in northwestern Denver. Sgt. Chris Archuleta stated no arrests had been made.

This was the seventh “Drag For All Ages” present within the Mile Excessive Comics constructing, an industrial warehouse positioned close to the Quigg Newton Properties housing complicated. Every month, the demonstrations have intensified.

A barrier fence, adorned with U.S. flags and rainbow banners, wrapped the bottom of the constructing. A band performed contained in the fence, drowned by demonstrators yelling via bullhorns, waving indicators — “Shut it down, child drag is child abuse” — and simulated police sirens.

A “parasol patrol” of drag present supporters helped members navigate, guiding them across the demonstrators and police.

I’m a big believer in free speech. This is America and that’s what makes America great — as long as you are not advocating harm against another,” stated Mile Excessive Comics proprietor Chuck Rozanski, aka Bettie Pages.

That’s exactly right – drag queens teaching kids The Way of Drag is what America is all about.

If you’re against this, you are against Freedom itself.

Our goal is to put on a show for kids in a safe space. This is an event for kids. The trans and gender-questioning kids are the most bullied kids in any school,” Rozanski stated.

Protesters have focused the occasion but organizers stated attendance has topped 200.

“The conflict outside is bringing our community together,” present coordinator “Miss Jessica,” 26, stated, praising Denver police for shielding individuals.

“Antifa is nothing that we requested. I’d like them to go away. We’d like them all to go away. Fighting fire with more fire is not going to bring a resolution to this.”

One one facet of 46th Avenue, the black-clad antifa demonstrators outlined themselves as defenders of LGBT rights and kids towards white supremacists, Nazi and different “predators” who for months have urged an finish to the drag exhibits. “We’re here because the Proud Boys and Nazis are here,” a 28-year-old antifa demonstrator stated, declining to offer his title, saying anonymity is “a policy of anarchy.”

Those evil Nazis are at it again, trying to keep drag queens from being near children!

If you oppose the right of kids to be poked by the Gender Unicorn’s horn, you are a Nazi.

Exposing kids to faggots is how we fight white supremacy here in America.

Drag present organizers stated the actions are acceptable for kids, and enjoyable, difficult critics to look nearer.

Before they judge, maybe they should see a show,” Rozanski stated. “How can you scream against something, and declare it immoral, if you never even saw a show?”

Before they judge faggots, maybe they should try sucking a dick.”

Before they judge murderers, maybe they should try randomly killing someone.

Before they judge Jews, maybe they should try drinking the blood of white kids.”