Dennis Rodman to be in Singapore During Trump-Kim Summit

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2018

Dennis Rodman is going to be in Singapore when the big talks between the United States and North Korea take place. Rodman has been friends with Kim Jong Un for quite awhile now.

The summit between the United States and North Korea is only days away. Dennis Rodman is expected to be in Singapore when the event takes place. Rodman as we have noted before, is one of the few people in the world who has maintained a friendship with both Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

NY Post:

NBA star turned Kim Jong Un soulmate Dennis Rodman will be in Singapore during President Trump’s summit with the North Korean dictator next week, The Post has learned.

“The Worm” will arrive in the country a day before the June 12 sitdown — and sources said he could even play some sort of role in the negotiations.

“No matter what you might think about his presence. One thing’s for sure the ratings will be huge,” a source said. “A lot of times in situations that involve complex diplomacy countries like to identify ambassadors of goodwill and whether you agree with it or not Dennis Rodman fits the bill.”

The zany, 6-foot-7 ex-baller — who has struck up an unlikely bromance with the pint-sized, 5-foot-7 Kim, and has visited the rogue regime five times in the past — took some of the credit for getting the two leaders together.

Rodman does deserve some credit for what has happened. He seems to have helped bridge the gap between the two leaders. He gave Kim Jong Un a copy of Trump’s book, “The Art of the Deal” last year and possibly did so with Trump’s approval. And his basketball diplomacy with North Korea helped build a foundation of goodwill that did not previously exist.

In an April interview with TMZ, Rodman said that Kim didn’t understand the president until he gave the North Korean strongman a copy of Trump’s ghost-written book, “The Art of the Deal,” for his birthday in 2017.

“I think [Kim] didn’t realize who Donald Trump was at that time, I guess, until he started to read the book and started to get to understand him. Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un are pretty much the same,” Rodman told the website.

“I don’t want to take all the credit. I don’t want to sit there and say, ‘I did this, I did that.’ That’s not my intention,” Rodman told the website.

“My intention was to go over and be a sports ambassador to North Korea so people understand how the people are in North Korea. I think that has resonated to this whole point now.”

I’ve previously called for Rodman to be appointed as the United States official ambassador to North Korea. Unfortunately, doing such a thing would be politically difficult for Trump especially without normalized relations. So it is very possible that Rodman has been acting as an unofficial ambassador on behalf of Trump this entire time. The fact that he’ll be in Singapore during the talks seems to speak to that. There’s even speculation about how he might play a role in the negotiations.

Rodman had appeared on Trump’s show “The Apprentice” several years ago. He was fired for not knowing how to spell his wife’s name, but they’re still friends. 

We’ll see what happens with all this but it will be quite interesting to see if Rodman is involved in the process. If the two countries are finally able to normalize relations with one another, Rodman should definitely play some sort of diplomatic role moving forward. It might seem like a strange idea, but there’s no logical reason why this shouldn’t happen considering the relationship he has with the two leaders.