Denmark: “We Can’t Ban Infant Circumcision Because Muh Holocaust”

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2018

If we need to mutilate a few baby penises to prevent another holocaust, then it’s worth it.

Over 80% of Danes are in favor of a ban on dirty kikes being allowed to mutilate infant penises. That’s pretty overwhelming support.

You’d think that in a democracy, elected politicians would be tripping over themselves to approve such a popular measure. Well, you’d think wrong.

Because the true definition of democracy isn’t “a country ruled by the people.” Democracy simply means “a country ruled by Jews.”


A citizen’s proposal, which has received over 42,000 supporters, is currently being debated.

The proposal will introduce 18 years as a minimum age for circumcision which is not necessary for health reasons and is chaired by Lena Nyhus, chairman of the Intact Denmark association, working to protect everyone from what it calls ‘genital mutilation’.

Jews BTFO. I hope to God this passes.

Now, Søren Pind (V), Minister for Education and Research, started debating before the proposal is expected to achieve the 50,000 signatures that are required before the proposal is to be considered in parliament.

‘I understand that this citizen’s proposal will send Danish Jews to Sweden again. This happening once was enough. I won’t support this,” writes Søren Pind on Twitter.

Who in his right mind could think that Jews leaving your country would somehow be a bad thing? Especially if they leave for Sweden. It’s not like that place can get any worse, so there’s really no victim here.

Lena Nyhus is also annoyed. She is the chairman of the association Intact Denmark, which works to protect children from “genital mutilation”, as the association calls it.

“I think it’s crazy that he implicitly accuses 80 percent of people of being Nazis just because they are opposed to cutting into the genitals of healthy children,” she said, referring to multiple polls, at the latest, as measured by Megafon for TV 2 and Politiken in January. Here, 83 percent answered that they are backing a ban on circumcision of boys.

Yeah, this kind of thing is going to be extremely popular with liberal types. After all, it’s very hard to justify mutilating babies for religious purposes within the modern liberal paradigm. Add to that all the people who actually hate Jews and Moslems, and it’s hard to even imagine what kind of person would oppose this ban.

These people definitely didn’t read Foreskin Man, I can tell you that.

Of course, the Jews are arguing that this is unacceptable for predictable reasons.


A ban on circumcision would be an infringement of the Jew’s basic religious rights, says Benny Dagan, who is Israel’s ambassador to Denmark.

Wow, I guess I should start a religion where doing bank robberies is a sacred rite. Perfect plan.

According to the ambassador, there is a lot of scientific evidence that circumcision is the healthy for the boys. Therefore, he does not believe you can legislate against the ritual and draws parallels to the Holocaust.

“It’s all about Jews’ right to practice their religion, especially when thinking about the Jewish history in Europe, which unfortunately is very tragic. Millions of Jews were killed and their communities wiped out, he says.

European laws have to conform to Jewish norms because of the Holocaust. Sure.

This Holocaust guilt tripping has been used so much over the past decades that people are sick to death of hearing about it. Nobody cares anymore.

So while it’s quite likely that this law project will be canned, the reason for it won’t be moral pressure by Jews, but pure corruption by the political class.

Oh well, we’ll see.

*Note: Above quoted articles were translated from the original Danish using Google Translate and edited for clarity.