Denmark Wants to Start Prosecuting 4chan Shitposters Using New Troll Trace(tm) Technology

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2018

In yet another example of South Park being able to accurately predict the future, the Danes seem intent on hunting down posters who go on the /pol/ board to vent and let out a little steam from time to time.

Danmarks Radio:

4chan is unknown to most over 30 years old, but is, on the other hand, a popular online meeting place for young people from all over the western world.

4chan as a whole is a forum for especially young people from western countries who meet and share all kinds of interests, such as sports and Japanese culture. But the forum is best known as a home for trolling, hate speech and, not least, the place where Anonymous and the digital right-wing movement Alt-Right originated.

Mostly true, tbh.

About 170,000 Danes (or people with a Danish IP address) have visited 4chan the past month, according to data from Alexa Rank, which estimates traffic to all websites around the world.

Every day there are hundreds of new anonymous entries from Danish IP addresses on 4chans “politically incorrect,” also called “pole”. It is 4chan’s most active and infamous division, known as a place for planning trolling, harassment and extravagant political activism.

Damn. They’re onto us.

“At 4chan, and especially ‘pole’ we see most of the older teens, i.e. high school students and upwards. And we see an overrepresentation of men who feel alienated in their physical environments,” says Christian Mogensen of the Center for Digital Education.

He estimates that the vast majority of those who write about violence and hatred on the 4chan just have to shut out for a moment’s impotence or fullness. But experience from abroad shows that some people at 4chan are willing to go further than that.

“Those we are afraid of are … [those who] not only use 4chan as a valve, but maybe one day go out and react and say; ‘Yes, it’s the fault of the Jews, and therefore we have to kickstart the revolution with an attack’.

“This is a rhetoric we have also seen in connection with attacks in many places in the world where communication is running for a long time, until one chooses to respond to it,” says Christian Mogensen.

In short, they’re trying to make the same moral case that the Jews are trying to make in America: words lead to violence, therefore words need to be shut down in the name of preventing violence that is often inexplicably directed at Jews.

The article talks about the possibility of Danes prosecuting those who shitpost on /pol/.

Yea… kind of like South Park predicted they would.

Honestly, I’m surprised that it took this long for someone somewhere to propose prosecuting /pol/ posters. I’m just surprised that it wasn’t the UK or Germany or Sweden. Denmark was the dark horse in the race to achieve and complete Orwellian dystopia.

Orientering has submitted a number of posts on 4chan to Sten Schaumburg-Müller, Professor of Law at SDU. He believes that some of them are punishable under Danish law.

He looks like an SNL skit actor… because he’s Jewish and goofy-looking

“In my opinion, there is no doubt that part of the sentences fall under section 266b of the Criminal Code, and possibly also section 136 on conviction,” says Sten Schaumburg-Müller.

He also considers that 4chan’s posts have Danish jurisdiction.

It seems like they want to shut it down and prosecute the die-hard handful of several hundred Danes who religiously post on the site. Really remarkable mobilization on the Jews’ part, especially when you consider that there’s only 2000 of them living in a country of almost 6 million.

So much for the Based Denmark meme. 

Turns out that the only reason they weren’t Jewed as hard as Sweden was that, ironically, all of Denmark’s Jews were evacuated to Sweden during World War II.

From there, the Jews proceeded to warp and corrupt Sweden, as way of giving thanks to Sweden for providing safe harbor.

The rest is just history repeating itself.