Denmark to Use Sex Ed Program to Teach Children About the Actual Purpose of Sex

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 31, 2014

"Condoms, little goyims.  You might not feel anything, but at least you won't make more little goyims and start holocausting us again." -Jews who designed the sex education program
“Condoms, little goyims. You might not feel anything, but at least you won’t make more little goyims to start holocausting us again.” -Jews who designed the sex education program

Those logic-driven Nordic Danes have come up with a fascinating concept: use the sex education program to teach the actual biological purpose of sex, rather than the “feel free to be naughty, goyim, just don’t get pregnant” perversions that are taught in the vast majority of Western middle school classroom, where they are actively attempting to separate the act of sex from reproduction.

Denmark has decided to use the sex ed program to encourage the kids to make babies.


The number of Danes born every year is steadily dropping as couples have on average only 1.7 children between them, and a fifth of all couples will never have children. In 2012, only 57,916 new Danes were born, compared to more than 65,000 in 2008.

Although the total population is continuing to rise, this is because of significant immigration inflating figures, and expensive fertility treatment for older couples, which now accounts for one tenth of all born. Today, only 89 percent of Denmark’s population is considered ‘Danish’ by the Government, and over half of immigrant residents are from outside the EU.

The Danish government is concerned that if present trends continue the population will collapse and is attempting to stave off disaster by encouraging couples to have more children, younger. The new campaign in Danish schools flies in the face of previous ‘sex ed’ classes with their focus on avoiding pregnancy, as it will teach children their fertility will begin to decline in their twenties, and leaving starting a family until thirty is too late.

A spokesman for the Danish Family Planning Association said: “When you look at sex education for the oldest students, it’s largely about how not to have children, so there is a focus on prevention, the use of contraceptives and the option of abortion. That means that young people lack knowledge on fertility and pregnancy.

“That lack of knowledge can mean that people end up not having children or not having the number of children they want”.

This point was backed up by the head of a Danish fertility clinic, reports “Up until now, our biological expiration date has been overlooked in our zeal to avoid having children when we don’t want to have them.

“On average in Denmark, we began to establish a family when we are around 30 years old. By then half of our reproduction capabilities have disappeared and that means that some people have too short of a time span to have children or have the amount of children they’d like to have”.

This is fantastic and appears to be the start of the best White breeding program outside of Russia.

It is criminal the way that schools teach children how not to have kids while never informing them of the obvious reality that by the time you’re thirty (if you’re a female) your prime ended a decade ago.

The fact that Denmark actually cares about their population remaining indigenous at all says quite a lot about the general consciousness of the place – because most other Western nations are openly celebrating the idea of population replacement by disease-ridden apes.

"Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman hath one solution -- it is called pregnancy." -Thus Spake Zarathrustra
“Everything in woman is a riddle, and everything in woman hath one solution — it is called pregnancy.” -Thus Spake Zarathrustra

The bottom line here is that women will do what the state tells them to do. If the state tells them to go on birth control and have sex with different people they meet at bars, they will do it. If the state tells them to aim to have a family, they will do it. It has always been mainly women who have gone along with the Jew program of no marriage and no children – because the state told them it meant liberation, which the state said was important – so I don’t think that these women will have trouble finding men willing to settle down, especially if the men are 5 to 15 years older and already have stable careers.

I predict the program will be highly successful as long as it is reinforced by other elements of the dominant culture. that is, if some Jew doesn’t cry “fascism” and shut it down.