Denmark to Deprive Their Citizens of Human Rights by Banning Animal Sex

Daily Slave
October 14, 2014

Basic human rights are being denied the people of Denmark as the government moves to ban animal sex.

In what can be considered nothing less than an assault on fundamental human rights, Denmark is planning to make animal sex illegal.  The fact that this type of cultural enrichment will no longer be allowed in this country obviously deprives Denmark of much needed vibrancy.

Rumor has it that a group of Jews are going to oppose this and complain that the rights of animal rapists are being violated by this planned legislation.


Denmark is planning to banish bestiality, following the recent examples of Germany and Norway, said the country’s food and agriculture minister. The bill was long-awaited both inside the country and abroad.

“I have decided that we should ban sex with animals. That is happening for numerous reasons. The most important is that in the vast majority of cases it is an attack against the animals,” the food and agriculture minister, Dan Jørgensen, told Ekstra Bladet, a Danish tabloid.

According to Jørgensen, one of the factors that prompted his decision was the damage done to his country’s reputation which laws still allow sex between humans and animals.

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