Denmark: Swastikas on a “Refugee” Center!

Daily Stormer
August 30, 2015


The graffiti has been described as “like another shoah all over again.”

Daily Mail:

Threatening graffiti featuring Nazi symbols has been sprayed on to the front of a centre for asylum seekers in Denmark.

The graffiti, which read ‘this is the first warning’, was sprayed across the front of the building alongside a swastika, with a minivan belonging to the centre also set on fire.

The spray painting also featured the letter DNSB, an abbreviation for Denmark’s National Socialist Movement.

The vandalism of the centre in Lyngbygaard comes amid a rise of attacks on migrants across Europe.

The centre hosts 120 asylum seekers and according to the Local, it is the third such attack on the facility in recent months.

In the previous incidents DNSB was also spray-painted on the building.

The first two attacks were written off as pranks but now police are investigating whether they were all politically motivated.

The incident comes just days after two drunken men broke into a refugee housing block and set fire to it in Leipzig.

It used to be we would assume these “hate crimes” were faked by the supposed victims themselves to gain sympathy.

But I’m not so sure that’s the case anymore. Seems to me people actually are really starting to hate these people in very large numbers.

People kinda seem to want their countries back.