Denmark: “Middle Eastern” Man Arrested for Attempted Sexual Assault of 15-Year-Old Girl

She knew that visiting a diverse vibrant’s place to buy drugs carried considerable risks, but she did it anyway.

Voice of Europe:

A man identified by the authorities as being Middle Eastern attempted to sexually assault a 15-year-old girl on Sunday, but was prevented by the timely arrival of the police.

The girl went to an apartment on Jettesvej in Braband, by her own account to buy hashish. The girl was nervous about going to the meeting point, however, and instructed a friend’s mother to contact the police if she didn’t hear from her within 10 minutes.

After the girl had been in the apartment for 10 minutes, her friend’s mother received a text message from her asking her to call the police.

Officers quickly arrived at the scene, but no one answered the door when they arrived, so they were forced to break down the door, according to a report by Den Korte Avis. They found the girl alone inside.

The girl said that the man she was meeting had asked her to stay and sleep there. When she declined, he refused to let her leave. She said that the man then hit her on the breasts and forced her to lay down. When she tried to get up, he grabbed her, in spite of her pleading for him to stop.

At that point, another man arrived at the apartment, and the girl was left alone. When police arrived, both men jumped out of the window. The girl said she did not believe either of the men lived there.

East Jutland police are still looking for the suspect and have put out a call to the public for information that could lead to his arrest. The suspect is said to be Middle Eastern in appearance, 23 years old, 170-180 centimetres tall, of muscular physique, and with brown skin, brown eyes, and black hair. He is also described as having a full beard and moustache of approximately 5 centimeters, and he speaks both Arabic and English. On Sunday he was wearing a black T-shirt, black jogging pants, white socks, and no shoes.