Denmark: Mass Protests in All Black After Anti-Lockdown Woman Sentenced to Double Jail

Yesterday, we reported on the sentencing of a Danish woman to double jail for allegedly inciting violence at an anti-lockdown protest. Needless to say, the protest was not violent by Antifa-BLM riot standards, but there was some hostile interactions with cops and some property damage.

Double jail.

Obviously, it was intended to send a message: don’t protest the lockdown. This is the reverse of the Antifa-BLM riots in Western countries, where they refuse to sentence really anyone, and the message is: please burn cities based on a wacky conspiracy theory about George Floyd.

We used an RT article as the source, because they are pretty much the only English outlet reporting on the various protests across Europe.

A Danish reader wrote in response:

The whole case is actually more absurd than what was reported in RT. The woman was there to speak about harsher punishments for pedophiles. The corona protest groups in Denmark often invite guest talkers to talk about societal problems. Most of her speech was about pedophilia and mental health issues that have been caused by the lockdowns.

The prosecutor actually tried to argue that she was a “leader” of the protest group, which would have added at least 1-2 year(s) to the sentence. The prosecutor’s evidence was a video of the woman saying “gathering, gathering” and “formation” during the event. I don’t know what that is supposed to mean, but it’s the only evidence of her allegedly “taking a leading role” that gets quoted in the media.

The media was also happy to report that the woman was “sobbing” during the trial and had mentioned her two young children during the trial. It feels very much like a humiliation to me. They don’t usually comment on a defendant’s behavior unless it’s a high profile trial.

A last point: The national association of prosecutors has been out in the press today to defend the trial. Some people had protested outside the court and shouted “traitor” at the prosecutor. They are trying really hard to paint the prosecutor as a victim of harassment.

I don’t have any English information to follow-up on the prosecutor, but I trust this reader is reporting accurately.

Anyway, again from our Russian comrades, we have information about the response to this woman’s double jail sentence.


An anti-lockdown group staged a protest in Denmark’s capital to express their solidarity with an activist who was sentenced to two years behind bars for allegedly inciting violence at an earlier demonstration.

Several hundred members of the ‘Men in Black’ anti-lockdown group took to the streets in Copenhagen on Saturday night, lighting red flares and shouting slogans as they moved through the streets. Some demonstrators played bagpipes and pounded on drums, while others carried a large banner reading “black-clad resistance.”

Footage published by RT’s video agency Ruptly shows the demonstrators, many of them dressed in black, launching fireworks into the air as police escorted the crowd. There were no reports of violence and no arrests were made, according to local media.

The demonstration followed the sentencing of a woman who was found guilty of inciting violence during an anti-lockdown protest in January. Speakers who addressed the crowd during Saturday’s march expressed solidarity with the woman, who received two years behind bars due to a controversial provision that allows Danish courts to double sentences if the crime is related to the Covid-19 pandemic. One demonstrator who spoke during Saturday’s event said that freeing the activist had become the group’s first priority, local media reported.

I was nervous when I saw the “black clad” part, because I keep thinking that they’re going to send out Antifa (a group which in every country is completely controlled by the intelligence agencies) to pretend to be anti-lockdown protesters and commit crimes.

We call that a “false flag.”

In this theoretical scenario I have in my head, they would literally be waving the flags of the anti-lockdown groups, while breaking out the windows of Starbucks and throwing Molotovs and the other things that Antifa is famous for.

However, that obviously didn’t happen here.

But we did report earlier today on the weekend BLM riot in Belgium. It is likely that they are going to start the Antifa-BLM stuff back up for the summer, maybe more outside of America than inside of it, and then use that to increase the size of the police state.

They can pretty much just do whatever.

But you can expect that we are going further into lockdown, further into police state action. They’re going to start putting QR codes everywhere, and you’ll have to scan it with your phone to enter anywhere, and Combine-style masked cops will beat you up if you don’t do it.