Denmark: Major Protest Against Lockdown and Vaccine Passports

Democracy is our values.

Democracy is who we are.

And democracy means that a tiny elite minority that controls all wealth and the government make decisions about your life for you.

Opposition to this is pure evil.

We must root out the dark forces who believe that people should be allowed to make their own decisions about their life.


People opposing the Danish government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic marched through the capital in a fresh protest on Saturday. Unlike some previous events, this week’s gathering remained peaceful and prompted no arrests.

The protest was organized by the ‘Men in Black’ group, who are unhappy with Denmark’s partial lockdown and the looming rollout of a digital system which will track vaccinations and issue certificates confirming people’s inoculation status. The passports are to be used for international travel and potentially to give access to public venues in Denmark itself.

On Saturday night, hundreds of demonstrators walked through central Copenhagen in front of the parliament building, carrying torches and flares, chanting slogans and playing music which included their unofficial anthem, a version of Italian partisan classic ‘Bella Ciao’. They also carried an effigy of Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen made to look like North Korean leader Kim Jong-un – but unlike the model of the PM seen two weeks ago, they didn’t burn it.

The burning stunt that happened on January 23 caused much controversy, as on that occasion the effigy was wearing a sign stating that the prime minister deserved to be killed. Five people were arrested during that event. Men in Black allies distanced themselves from the action and lamented that it drew attention away from their core message.

This was a big protest.

As is often the case, the only place I can find this story in English is on RT.

All over the world, people have lost faith in the theory of coronavirus, the lockdown system, and the vaccination plot. However, the global media is working together to cover up the fact that people across the world are protesting this, and the social media companies are working together to prevent people from organizing protests against this.

You see: being lied to about what is happening in the world, having all of your media censored, and having your communications cut – that is at the heart of democracy.

And democracy is sacred.

It’s who we are.

If democracy manages to overthrow Russia, that will mean, among many other things, that all of these stories that we only hear via the Russian media, we will no longer hear.

The endgame is of course to have a situation where you have no idea what is happening even one block over from you, let alone in another city or another country. They want each individual to be directly controlled by computer algorithms – until they can get computer chips into their brains.

That might sound weird, but it is sacred. It’s our democracy. We must preserve our values, which include you getting a computer chip in your brain so the government can control your thoughts and move your body around like a puppet.

It’s who we are.