Denmark: Government Finds Solution to Ghettos – Just Spread the “People” in Them Around

Daily Stormer
November 26, 2018

I’ve been trying to figure out why Denmark is morally obligated to bring invaders in the country in the first place.

The closest thing to an answer I’ve found is that they have to atone for stealing the Inuits’ snow under colonialism, which is apparently the only reason they’re not a shithole today.

“Danmark took… my snow…”

The Local:

A majority in the Danish parliament on Thursday voted through a bill that could see sweeping physical changes made to underprivileged areas defined by the state as ‘ghettos’.

“Underprivileged areas” 

Not “areas that look shockingly similar to the ones where these creatures originally came from,” which would be an accurate description.

The plan passed by parliament Thursday also sets out preventive measures against the development of underprivileged areas into ghettos in future, Ritzau reports.

A maximum of 40 percent of housing may be allocated to a form of social housing known in Danish as almene familieboliger (normal family housing) in areas encompassed by the plan. That is likely to require demolition of some housing where it is not economically viable to convert it into other forms, it was reported earlier this week.

In virtually all White countries, one of the main reasons for the lowering of the birthrate is that housing costs a lot, and people usually want to buy a home before having kids.

And the main reason that housing prices go up is that you have to buy your house far away from areas infested by brown people, because those areas are unlivable.

So by spreading these creatures around, they’ll increase housing prices in all the livable (White) areas, which will then make it even harder for Danes to start a family and lower the birthrate further, and increase the (((calls))) for more immigration.

Am I crazy for thinking this was the idea from the beginning?

Critics of the programme say that the reforms will move social problems associated with the areas to other locations, rather than provide real solutions.

There are only two solutions out there – deportation or extermination.

Nothing else has ever worked anywhere.

“How do you provide a helping hand by either selling or demolishing housing? There are people in this country who can’t just go out and buy themselves an apartment,” lead political spokesperson Pernille Skipper of the leftwing Red-Green Alliance party said.

Nice to see these “green” parties finally going openly communistic.

“Nobody has answered the question of where these people are to live,” Skipper added.


Minister for Transport, Construction and Housing Ole Birk Olesen submitted the bill, which was voted for by the coalition government, the rightwing Danish People’s Party and two opposition parties, the Social Democrats and the Socialist People’s Party.

This party is legit, at least on paper, so I don’t understand why they’re not focusing on getting rid of non-Whites entirely, instead of moving them around like this.

Kaare Dybvad, housing spokesperson with the Social Democrats, was during Thursday’s parliamentary session engaged in a long discussion with MPs from the Red-Green Alliance and Alternative parties, who were opposed to the bill, Ritzau writes.

“We take the basic view that concentrating social problems increases social problems,” Dybvad said.

“We do not believe it’s advantageous to grow up in a neighbourhood where there are many social and integration-related problems,” he added.

So the magical dirt isn’t magical enough in some parts, and for some reason all the brown people always end up exactly there.

Funny how that happens…

Still time to turn around…