Denmark: Four “Youths” Charged with Gang Raping 15-Year-Old Girl Near School

Three of them were foreign, while one was Danish.

The Danish one just stood there and filmed it like a good cuck.

Voice of Europe:

Four ‘youths’ who are charged with gang raping a 15-year-old girl and filming it near a school in Haslev, Denmark appeared in court over the weekend.

The four perpetrators – a 19-years-old, two 18-year-olds, and a 17-year-old – were arrested by police shortly after the rape took place on the night of May 2nd. On Sunday, the four appeared at a court hearing in Næstved. According to a report from the Danish newspaper Den Korte Avis, three of the four perpetrators had foreign backgrounds, while the fourth – the youth who’s believed to have film the rape occur – appeared to be Danish.

According to the indictment, the suspects are charged with “having united in agreement and prior agreement or mutual understanding of having intercourse with the girl against her will”.

It has also come to light that one of the alleged rapists, despite his young age, already has had numerous run-ins with police and Denmark’s criminal justice system. He has convictions for violence, robbery, extortion and threats against witness, TV 2 Øst writes.

As of this report, the residence status of the three migrant suspects is not known.