Denmark: Cultural Sensitivity Needed to Understand Muslim Rapists

Modern Heretic
October 31, 2015

If only we’d tried to tell them it was wrong.

Multiculturalism is truly the gift that keeps on giving, enriching bland and boring White societies with colorful and vibrant “minority” malfunction. Just think of the amazing food, the strident call to pray to the moon god idol blaring at all hours, the no-go zones, the rape gangs and the endless excuses and cowardice in the face of this uncontested foreign invasion.

The pathology of the “women and children” is, naturally, our fault. We must try to reason with the jihadan horde, explain that in White countries “thighing” and child rape is generally frowned upon. This works about as well as you’d expect and the pathetic slide into the third world cesspool continues.



Danish political parties are pushing for the inclusion of sexual education in language courses for immigrants in an effort to reduce the disproportionate number of rapes committed by the demographic, the Local reported.

“All right class, tell me your names.”

All fifty bearded and dark-haired men speaking at once: “moe-ham-head.”

“Today we’re going to learn about not preying on the kuffir. I mean, unless you really need to. I don’t want to be intolerant.”

The teacher’s head is sawed off with a machete.

The course would focus on such topics as the idea that women in revealing clothing and drinking alcohol are not making an invitation to have sex.

It’s funny how the same jewish feminists whining about the imaginary “rape culture” among panty-raiding frat boys suddenly have nothing to say about the very real rape culture of the “refugee.” The West needs these cultural, genetic and religious aliens like a fish needs a bicycle.

Immigrants and their children were behind over a third of Denmark’s rapes in 2013 and 2014, despite making up only around 12 percent of the population.

Even this appalling number is insanely optimistic, considering how many incidents go unreported or are simply buried for fear of being called a name by our jewish enemy. Crumple up that statement and throw it in the trash, try to forget the shattered White woman that begged you for help, tears running down a battered face. Do the right thing, ignore the rot, surrender your soul for a few more days of empty careerism. Watch your country die. At least you’re not “xenophobic.”

The idea is based on a similar course in Norway.

The latest exciting breakthroughs in Scandinavian dhimmitude, ideas too good not to share with their fellow doomed brothers. By pooling our collective suicidal efforts we can all share the same grave.

“We had some problems in Stavanger because some of the refugees had sexually violent episodes with Norwegian girls in the center of the town. So the police, the immigration department and [refugee agency] Hero Norge launched a project to teach refugees about Norwegian behavior,” Hero Norge head Linda Hagen told the Local.

Typical Norwegian behavior, assuming you still live in a civilized White nation. Now you know better, I guess.

Denmark’s political parties across the spectrum agreed with the idea, telling Danish media that Norway’s experiment should be copied.

Today’s experiment: Let’s swallow cyanide and see what happens.

Hagen stressed the importance of cultural sensitivity on the subject, as many immigrants come from countries where women are not permitted to wear revealing clothing or go out alone.

White women are to blame for mudslime rapes. They should have been more “sensitive” to this dangerous alien culture. Hurry up and die, Western Europe.

“It’s difficult if you come from a country where women never go out. When you see a girl with a short skirt dancing at a party late in the evening, what kind of message will it give you?” Hagen said.

“I’m a guest here and should be respectful to my benefactors,” would be my reaction, but I’m White and not some worthless desert animal driven insane by a false religion and their own genetic shortcomings.

The increasing numbers of rapes in Scandinavian countries has also led to new inventions meant to protect women. A group of Swedish teenage girls previously invented and sold a complex “anti-rape belt” to deter attackers while another Swedish woman invented an “anti-rape tampon” with an outward-facing pin at its end

Yeah. How about an “anti-rape Glock” instead? Or even better, “anti-rape deportations.”

At least this proves we’re not “races” against “Asians.”