Denmark: Court Decides Telling the Truth is a Crime

Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019

Utopia would’ve been achieved already if it weren’t for these meddling neo-Nazis

The judicial system seems to work in the exact same way in all White countries, for some mysterious reason that no one can understand.

It’s almost like a (((conspiracy))) or something.

The Local:

The Østre Landsret high court on Thursday upheld a ruling convicting Rasmus Paludan, leader of extremist party Stram Kurs, of inciting racial hatred.

Paludan’s 14-day conditional prison sentence, originally given by the district court in Glostrup in April, was upheld by the higher court.

Specifically, the party leader was sentenced under paragraph 266b, commonly referred to as the ‘racism paragraph’ of Denmark’s criminal code.

I never really understood why people refer to these “hate speech” laws in the West as “Orwellian,” for the simple reason that they are nothing of the sort.

In 1984, the purpose of those speech/thought control systems was to keep the ruling class in power, whereas here their purpose is to just destroy society, which will inevitably destroy the ruling class too (I’m referring to the shabbos goyim part; Jews have their own hyper-militarized ethnostate to run to).

So what Ingsoc did in 1984 made a lot more sense than what governments in White countries are doing today.

Paludan and his party narrowly failed in last month’s general election to secure a large enough vote share to enter parliament.

The conviction is related to a video which was published last year on the Stram Kurs YouTube account.

In the video, Paludan makes reference to “most negroes [Danish: negere, ed.] in South Africa” and people of low IQ (under 70). Referencing South African governing party ANC, the Danish party leader implies black citizens are incapable of governing South Africa due to low intelligence, Ritzau writes.

Where’s the lie though?

South Africa was better when Whites ran it, and the niggers there had a higher standard of living than any other niggers in all of Africa, and a higher standard of living than they do today.

These fucking humanzees literally can’t even keep the water running.

I agree – flush anything brown ASAP

And not only can they not grasp this, but they’re actively working on exterminating the few remaining humans who do anything productive in that country.

And this isn’t just because of IQ – if you sit down a 70ish or 80ish White man and calmly explain to him that he’s not fit to run a country, in the vast majority of cases they will understand and agree.

Because however dumb a European is, he’ll never be a nigger.

Making such a connection was in breach of the law, Glostrup District Court and now Østre Landsret found.

The higher court found Paludan’s speech in the video “degrading or abusive” towards a specified group.

At least they had the decency to not call it “insulting,” since that would’ve implied it’s not true.

Defence lawyer Mette Grith Stage argued that comments in the video were part of Stram Kurs’ political work and that adjudging them illegal would thereby encroach on Paludan’s right to free speech.

But the high court judge and lay assessors rejected that defence.

“The high court finds that, in light of the nature of the comments and the context in which they were put forth, they cannot be viewed as part of a legitimate political debate,” judge Joachim Kromann said.

If saying things that are objectively, demonstrably true is not a part of legitimate political debate, then the debate in question has no legitimacy and everybody engaged in that debate needs to be hanged.

And the more you put that off, the more likely South Africa is to come to you.