Denmark Bans Child Sex Dolls (Because the Government Really Cares About Protecting Children)

Daily Stormer
February 12, 2020

Danes and Norwegians are both basically Swedes, so this is relevant

What if the doll identifies as an adult?

Has no one thought about this?


Real-life silicone sex dolls may be shaped like three-year-old children, sometimes they come with a teddy bear in their arms, have a human-like temperature and even say “no, no, daddy”.

A historic decision to ban sex dolls shaped like children is in the works in Denmark.

The right-wing Danish People’s Party has long been trying to get a ban on child-like sex dolls through the Danish Parliament, and now there is a majority in place, which today (7 February) is set to back the party’s proposal, Danish Radio reported.

The ruling Social Democrats have long supported the ban, and now the Socialist People’s Party and the Red-Green Alliance have jumped aboard.

Why did it take these people so long to do it if everyone was on-board?

But more importantly – why are chunks of plastic that look like children worse for children than mutilating children’s genitals?

This was welcome news for Peter Skaarup, the Danish People’s Party’s legal spokesman.

“I hope that we will send a signal to paedophiles willing to abuse children sexually that we will not have it. We will take action against every step in this direction, because we have to protect our children. Part of that is banning child sex dolls,” Skaarup said.

Social Democrat legal spokesman Jeppe Bruus has in the past six months become increasingly involved in the case and maintains that a ban on child sex dolls is the right way to go.

“Children should not be portrayed in sexual situations. This is also why it is nowadays prohibited to make cartoons or computer animations of these situations. Therefore, of course, it should also be prohibited to manufacture, import and own these dolls, which look like children,” he stressed.

By his own admission, real-life examples he has seen have steeled his resolve.

“These are real dolls that look like little kids. They wear children’s clothes, they have light in their eyes and say ‘no, no, daddy’; they are made to look like young children for people to fulfil their desire to have sex with them.”

The organisation Save the Children has changed its attitude. While there is still no research to indicate that a ban will somehow put a damper on child abuse, it can no longer see a moral argument for not banning the dolls.

I’m not against banning child sex dolls, that is reasonable enough. On some level, it is kind of bizarre to have a national government even addressing the issue at all, as I seriously doubt this is a major problem and it seems more like just a dumb distraction, but whatever – okay, I don’t think anyone takes issue with banning child sex dolls.

But think about just how many insane things these same people are doing to children, while claiming to care about them.

These vermin are making Danish children a minority in their own country, chemically and physically mutilating them to look like a parody of the opposite sex, teaching them about every form of sexual degeneracy ever invented and then allowing free access to it from any computer or phone on the planet – and then they have the nerve to say they care about the children.

Whatever their reason for doing this, whether it’s just a PR stunt or an excuse to ban more and more stuff, these people do not care about your children.

They want to see your children dead in the best of cases. The moral grandstanding about caring for children is nauseating, regardless of the context. And child sex dolls are just a dumb, weird non-issue. I doubt that a single person in Denmark has even bought one – unless maybe as a joke. There definitely is not a child sex doll crisis in Denmark, this I can tell you. Presumably, these people just read about it on the internet. They brought it up for the purpose of moral grandstanding, saying “just in case any of you were thinking of buying a child sex doll, you can’t because we banned them, because we really care about children.”

Child trannyism on the other hand is a massive issue that is affecting millions of children across the (Western) world.

And they think it’s funny.

How many politicians in Denmark are against stuff like this?