Denmark: Asylum Center Closed Due to White Women Using It as a Free Brothel

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 30, 2016


He’s just a little boy.

So maybe you thought that White women flying into Calais to have sex with multiple men a day was an isolated incident?


Anywhere these monkeys are, the women flock to them.

The Local:

The Danish Immigration Service (Udlændingestyrelsen – DIS) announced on Wednesday that the centre for unaccompanied underage asylum seekers will be shut down this week.According to a DIS press release, the agency was informed last week that two female employees of the centre are suspected of having sexually violated one or more boys under the age of 18.

Integration Minister Inger Støjberg told broadcaster DR that the two women in question were removed from their posts and that Funen Police will now investigate the sexual assault claims.

ROFLMAO – sexual assault!

On the male immigrants!

The sexual assault suspicions are several months old, but Støjberg said that neither she nor DIS were informed until last week.

“Sexually assaults at a centre like this should have immediately been reported to me by Langeland Municipality,” she told DR.

Langeland’s mayor, Bjarne Nielsen, told DR that he himself did not hear about the allegations until recently and blamed the centre’s staff.

“It is completely unacceptable and we will take it up with the leadership,” he said.

The new allegations are the latest in a series of problems at the centre, which houses roughly 40 underage boys.

Earlier this month, the centre’s residents were involved in a mass brawl. No one was seriously injured but an employee of the centre was struck by a 15-year-old boy with a metal pipe.

In August, five teenage boys from the centre were charged for sexual assaults committed during the Langelandsfestival. Three were charged with groping, and two for raping a 16-year-old girl.

The same “children” out gang-raping girls on the street are now the victims of rape.

We are told.

Does that make sense to anyone here?

The month prior, boys from the centre took part in a fight involving upwards of 100 minor asylum seekers during a football match against residents of another asylum centre.

Støjberg said on Wednesday that it was time to close down the troubled facility.

“The centre will be closed because there have quite simply been too many instances of violence amongst the young boys, violence and threats against the personnel and other completely unacceptable behaviour on the part of the youths,” she told DR.

“Additionally, I was informed on Saturday that there have been serious allegations against the two female employees about sexually violating some of the boys,” Støjberg added.

According to DIS, the roughly 40 residents of Børnecenter Tullebølle will be transferred to other underage asylum centres across Denmark

This has all just gotten so goofy.

I cannot help but laugh.

But the problem of White women having sex with these monkeys is a serious problem and one we need to give serious consideration to.


The moment you realize your feminist girlfriend who controls your life may have alternative motives in bringing you to all these pro-immigration rallies.

As I explained in my article about the Calais free-brothel phenomenon:

Men get feelings over this. Like “oh, our women hate us, they would rather have sex with monkeys.”

Firstly, even if that were exactly true – who cares? Basing your own value as a man on the behavior and attitudes of women is the epitome of pathetic faggotry. Women are irrational, amoral and cruel, and any man who bases his opinion of himself on what women think of him is bound to live a wasted life.

The fact of the matter is, women will do whatever they are able to get away with if you let them off the leash. This chronic sex with non-Whites isn’t something all White women are engaged in, of course, it is just the most extreme form of a general behavior pattern among women that has resulted from feminism.

You see, a woman has a natural desire to be controlled, as a man proves his worth to her by his ability to control her. So when they are told they are free, and should go be independent, they will act out in increasing extreme ways, as a means to express the demand that they be put back under control. Arguably, going to Calais to have sex with multiple Black people per day is the most extreme way of making this demand.

Because of course women know it is dehumanizing to have sex with Blacks. And they know that there is really nothing that gets to a White man more, on a more primal level, then seeing a White woman with a Black man.

That is the key here: it really isn’t about the sex itself, it is about a desire to shame White men by attacking their image of themselves as men in the most vicious imaginable way. It is a punishment for abandoning them to feminism.

And of course, it is a way to end the suffering that feminism has brought them. They see these aggressive men, who will take so little shit from their women that they will literally make them wear bags covering their bodies in public, and they want that for themselves, on a primal level.

Because regardless of what some Jew told you, we are all animals. And after we have food and warmth, everything about our being is geared toward reproduction. It is really that simple.

Feminism has created a social environment which has made it nearly impossible for women to fulfill this most basic biological function of reproduction, and so they seek to abolish it by any means necessary.

Their bodies and their underlying, basic animal psychology doesn’t really care whether or not White men respond to their monkey sex behavior and abolish feminism, or if they just replace us with foreign men who won’t tolerate feminism.

So no. The sex isn’t about sex. Because although virtually everything in life is about sex, sex isn’t about sex. Sex is about reproduction.

And women who are put in a position where their ability to reproduce is being blocked will respond will sexual behaviors which look extremely strange to men who have not taken the red pill.

Denying this is happening does not help our race.

We must be men and get control of these women.

And we need to do it quickly.