Denmark: Afghan Gets Seven Years for Stabbing Danish GF and Throwing Her Off Balcony

Sulaiman Mizan

Regrettably, she survived.

Probably dating another haji as we speak.

Voice of Europe:

A Danish court has sentenced an Afghan migrant to seven years in prison for attempting to murder his Danish girlfriend.

After finding 38-year-old Sulaiman Mizan guilty of having stabbed his girlfriend several times before throwing her from a balcony, a Court in Kolding handed him a seven year jail term. Mizan, however, cannot be deported since he’s a Danish citizen, Den Korte Avis reports.

It was September 2nd last year when people heard screams coming from an apartment in the municipality of Kolding. Shortly after, a nearby police officer who happened to hear the screams arrived at the scene to find a young woman lying on the ground beneath the apartment’s balcony. The victim, Louise Makkonen, had been stabbed several times before being thrown from a 6.6 meter high, first floor balcony.

Additional police officers quickly arrived on scene and immediately arrested the three men present in the apartment: Sulaiman Mizan, his brother, and another man. However, after an investigation was carried out, Mizan was the only one charged with a crime.

Sulaiman Mizan came to Denmark in 1996 from Afghanistan. The fact that Louise had recently ended her relationship with Mizan after years of abuse is believed to have prompted the brutal attack.

Louise Makkonen