Denmark: 52-Year-Old Immigrant Shot While Trying to Stab Anti-Immigration Politician

Does the BBC still have any White employees? How is that allowed?

Let’s hope he makes a speedy recovery and goes back to his meat-on-a-stick business before everybody in Denmark starves to death.

Voice of Europe:

Danish police on Friday were forced to shoot a 52-year-old man who attempted to attack Rasmus Paludan, the party leader of the Islam-critical Stram Kurs party, with a knife near an immigrant area west of Aarhus.

The attempted murder, which took place at Poet Park – where Paludan and members of Stram Kurs were holding a Koran burning demonstration at – was quickly thwarted by police. The migrant, armed with a knife, was surrounded immediately and shot in the leg before he could inflict any damage upon Paludan.

The 38-year-old lawyer and founder of the immigration and Islam-critical party was promptly evacuated from the area.

Police say the attacker, a 52-year-old male, is currently being treated at a hospital.

That was one of the gayest (attempted) political assassinations ever.

Why can’t anyone do anything right anymore?

According to the East Jutland police, who confirmed the incident on social media, the assassination attempt came after masked individuals threw stones at police for allowing the demonstration to take place.

While Paludan recounted the day’s events, he said that he immediately noticed the “approximately 55-year-old man with a Middle Eastern background, dressed in a white suit, outside the fence” when he arrived at the park for the demonstration.

“I asked the man if he wanted dialogue. Then he replied, ‘Shut up.’ I tried to explain to him that it’s the opposite of dialogue,” Paludan said.

“Then I asked the man if he knew that Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile because he had sex with nine-year-old girl Aisha, but it didn’t seem like he understood what I was saying. He spoke broken Danish. I called again for dialogue, but he would not, and then I said that ‘Islam is shit.’ That is one of our firm views.”

When the man pulled a knife and attempted to run through the police barricades, “I ran away. I don’t want to be killed. The police did what they did,” Paludan concluded.

Yeah, you’re gonna have that once in a while.

It’s all part and parcel of living in a diverse, multicultural society.

And there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it, it’s a done deal.

The only thing left to do is accept and enjoy what really matters in life.