Dems Forced to Admit Conservatives are Right and That We Have to Have More Afghan Refugees

Beijing Biden has been forced to admit Donald Trump was right: we need more refugees from Afghanistan!

The libs take another L and get owned yet again.

Check out this triggered snowflake Psaki finally having to admit what conservatives have been saying from the start: we made a pact to the people of Afghanistan to always care for them.


White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Tuesday praised the Afghan interpreter in hiding who helped rescue then-Sen. Joe Biden during a 2008 rescue mission as she reaffirmed the US’ commitment to helping Afghan allies.

“Our message to him is: Thank you for fighting by our side for the last 20 years. Thank you for the role you played in helping a number of my favorite people out of a snowstorm and for all the work you did. And our commitment is enduring, not just to American citizens but to our Afghan partners who have fought by our side,” Psaki said.

“And our efforts and our focus right now is, as you’ve heard Gen. McKenzie say and others say over the last 24 hours, is to the diplomatic phase. We will get you out. We will honor your service. And we’re committed to doing exactly that.”

The interpreter, who is going only by his first name, Mohammed, told the Wall Street Journal that he is asking the President to “save me and my family” after US forces allowed him to enter Kabul’s airport during their evacuation mission but restricted his wife and children.

It’s good to see that even the Dems have to admit that it was patriotic values and a love of our country that made this country the greatest nation on earth. That’s why so many people want to come to it.

Dems are getting so triggered right now.

As Psaki is welcoming these brave Afghans to America, she might want to take a look at a little document called the Constitution, particularly the part called “the Second Amendment.”

The reason that Afghanistan fell to Islamic Sharia law is because they didn’t have the guns to fight back. Now that all of these Afghan interpreters are coming to America, they’re going to want to uphold the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms for when Sharia law comes to America.

But of course, the Dems want to take away our Second Amendment too. It’s almost like they want Sharia law. Wonder why that is, Joe???

Shanghai Joe must have taken some communist amphetamine in his wonton soup this morning, because he’s finally catching up to speed. (Isn’t this just supposed to be woke?)

Donald Trump called for more and more patriotic Afghan refugees to be flown into America WEEKS AGO.

Sleepy Joe Ching-Chong commie is just waking up to the fact that we need hundreds of thousands – and possibly millions – more Afghani refugees in America, because they fought for our country and helped our troops in their mission!

Catch up, Sleepy Joe!

Joe Biden pulled out, despite the fact that the troops overwhelmingly wanted to keep fighting forever to protect schoolgirls and interpreters.

Bing-Bing Biden might be slow to talk, but he’s quick to pull the rug out from under our patriotic soldiers and surrender them to Talibani lines. These soldiers worked for twenty years to provide freedom in Afghanistan, so that the Afghani people could build a future of freedom, where they don’t have to worry about Sharia law threatening their human rights.

But Sleepy Joe loves Sharia. They call him Sharia Joe for a reason. He’ll soon fly to China and do a celebration of surrendering Afghanistan to the Chinese, and old Akbar commie Xi Jinping and him will get down together and pray to Mecca, as they celebrate a new rise of communistic Sharia that is going global through the vaccine mandate for the China virus, brought to you by the special team of China Joe and Ching-Chong Chinaman.

It’s such a disgrace to betray our troops like this, and destroy their mission. Those troops went to Afghanistan to fight for our freedom there so we wouldn’t need to deal with an Islamic invasion of America.

Now, the Islamists triumphed and we’ve got Sharia law in Afghanistan.

How long before we get Sharia in America?

I’d say it’s gonna be riding in soon, right along with Chinese communism and things like critical race theory being taught in schools.

It’s a big victory for freedom that even Beijing Joe has been forced to realize that we have a commitment to take care of the people of Afghanistan, and if we can’t take care of them over there, we have to take care of them over here.

That’s a good start, but the mission won’t be complete until Sleepy Joe decides to take a hot sip of his morning Joe and perk up his ears and listen to what our troops are saying: we have to put the troops back in Afghanistan so that we can finally stamp out the Taliban and Sharia law once and for all.

These are the choices: either America goes into Afghanistan to help the Afghan people stamp out Sharia law or China goes into Afghanistan and helps the Taliban to do Sharia law with the added benefit of communism.

Where do you think Sharia law is gonna start next after it spreads in Afghanistan?

It’s coming to America, that’s where.

In actuality, it’s already here – you might know it as “critical race theory,” and they’re teaching it to your kids in school. You can call it “CRT” or call it whatever you want, but what it is is a communistic Chinese version of the Taliban’s Sharia law.

Good Old General Milley Cyrus knows a thing or two about critical race theory. He’s studying it to teach to his troops.

Milley Cyrus says he’s concerned about “white rage,” and how to stop it. It’s all about just dividing us – first they attack whites, next blacks, then Afghan interpreters. Dems have a long history of promoting white supremacy, going all the way back to the KKK and Andrew Jackson. The Dems worked with Adolf Hitler. Dems will never realize that America isn’t about race. America is about being the greatest country in the world because of our Constitution, and it’s about us stomping you if you mess with us. But the Taliban attacks our airport and kills 13 of our troops who were at that airport trying to defend the Afghan people from Sharia law and Joe Biden goes on TV and says he trusts the Taliban.

Maybe instead of troops listening to Milley, Milley should listen to the troops and realize that we need to go into Afghanistan to stamp out Islamic Sharia law.

Critical race theory is a racist attack on blacks by Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi, and it’s no different than Sharia. In Sharia, you have two kinds of people: those who worship Allah and those who don’t, called infidels. In CRT it’s the same thing, only instead of worshiping Allah it’s the color of your skin that decides your fate. If you’re black? Not so good under Joe’s watch.

When Ku Klux Joe was in Congress, he tried to pass a law sending the blacks to prison for their skin color. He wanted stronger punishments for crack cocaine, a clear target on the blacks. White people like to snort cocaine, while blacks prefer to smoke it because if they try to snort it they can end up blowing it all over the place by accident. So Joe says “oh sure, you’re white? You can go free. Black – off to the gulag with you, boy! Heil Hitler!” This is the definition of Sharia law in Joe Biden’s America and people don’t even know it’s happening.