Dems are the Real Vaxx Refusers

This looks like the opening minutes of a porno, no?

You might think brown people are stupid – and you’re right.

However, with the low IQ comes a certain wisdom. If you tell a brown person “there’s a deadly plague that’s killing everyone,” and yet the brown person doesn’t know a single individual who has died from this supposed plague, the brown person is probably going to assume that you are lying about the existence of the plague.

Some of those brown people, when they suss out the fact that there is no plague, will then ask themselves why you’re trying to inject them with a substance to protect them from a plague that doesn’t exist.

New York Post:

Almost a third of illegal immigrants in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have refused the opportunity to receive a coronavirus vaccine.

Fox News, citing an ICE official, confirmed an Axios report from last week that the vaccine declination rate in all detention centers is 30 percent.

ICE reported 1,376 COVID-19 cases among inmates currently in custody as of Wednesday. The total number of inmates held by ICE stood at 27,067 as of the week ending July 16.

According to the ICE data, 1,095 COVID-19 cases (79.5 percent of the total) were recorded in facilities overseen by field offices in San Antonio, El Paso, Houston, Phoenix and San Diego. Another 69 cases have been recorded at six hotels that are being used as temporary migrant facilities.

It is unclear how many inmates have been offered a vaccine. However, Axios reported last week that the ICE had distributed more than 95 percent of an initial allotment of 10,000 doses of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Coincidentally, the vaccination rate among those in ICE custody is slightly higher than the rate among eligible Americans. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 68.6 percent of US adults have received at least one vaccine dose, while 65.9 percent of eligible Americans (age 12 and older) have received at least one dose.

Lawmakers have raised concerns that the ongoing surge of illegal immigrants at the southern border will lead to an increase in coronavirus infections, particularly due to the presence of the highly contagious Delta variant.

Of course, the only “lawmakers” concerned about this are Republicans, who are promoting the “Mexicans are the real coronavirus spreaders” meme in the same way that they always do the “I know you are, but what am I?” response to the Democrats.

The most famous version of this is “Democrats are the real racists,” but more recently Ted Cruz started saying that Democrats are the real global warmers. Various other versions exist – it’s anything that the Democrats say is bad, and claim that Republicans are responsible for. Republicans never question the validity of the concepts, and instead simply flip the accusation.

Republicans are now constantly saying that Democrats are the real coronavirus spreaders.

Recently, Texas Democrats flew to Washington in some kind of demonstration against the right wing. I don’t know or care about the specifics of it. But after they flew to DC, some people tested positive for the virus. Instead of simply saying “Democrats again prove that this whole virus nonsense is a hoax,” Republicans and their media organs attacked the Democrats as “super spreaders.”

Fox News:

New York Post:


What this process of saying “Dems are the real X” does is automatically jump on and reinforce the narrative of the left, in every situation.

To understand how this works, just take the above story of the Mexicans – Republicans are not simply going to say “Mexicans are the real virus spreaders,” they’re also going to say “Mexicans are the real vaccine refusers.”

Do you see how that works?

If Mexicans are “bad” for refusing the vaccine, then the vaccine must be good. Just like if Democrats are “bad” for being “super-spreaders,” then “super-spreading” must be a real thing.

And if these are real things that are bad, then of course the Republicans should be fighting against these things.

These cheap “gotchas” do absolutely nothing to promote any sort of right-wing agenda, and in fact do the exact opposite.

It speaks to a problem on the right. The right has a lot of intellectuals. Virtually anyone who is looking seriously at the world using facts and reason is going to be on the right. At the same time, normal people tend to be on the right – by “normal people,” I mean those with an average IQ.

What the sensationalized right-wing media does is separate the intellectuals from the masses of people. The masses are instead given people like Sean Hannity – who is the absolute king of taking Democrat morality and then accusing Democrats of not following it hard enough.

The reason that Andrew Anglin was the first person to experience massive censorship is not that I was making outrageous jokes. It is that I was putting well thought-through and grounded logic into simple bits and bytes that the average Sean Hannity viewer would be able to comprehend.

Like the famous phrase “some girls are bigger than others,” some people are smarter than others. It doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with those people. As I said above regarding Mexicans, there are some benefits to having a lower IQ.

However, it is simply a fact that while slightly less intelligent people might not get tripped up in misperceiving the obvious, when it gets into more complex chains of reasoning, they get lost. So this supposed hypocrisy gotcha that Sean Hannity is so fond of trips them up.

In many ways, these stupid gotchas are what is responsible for the continued failures of the right to do absolutely anything at all. The single biggest problem we have is censorship – it is why we have the coronavirus hoax, it is why Donald Trump lost. But how does Ted Cruz address this? Well, usually he says “they’re banning right wingers while the left is allowed free reign,” and then starts implying that instead of ending censorship, tech companies should just start banning both left and right equally.

Just so, the number one attack on the right is that we are “racists.” Why do we accept the concept of “racism” as even valid at all? Well, mostly because of politicians and right-wing media continually saying that “Democrats are the real racists.” When you say “my enemy is X thing,” you naturally start to internalize the claim that “X thing” is both a valid concept and truly bad.

Having observed this phenomenon in much detail, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is a fine line between pointing out hypocrisy and embracing the values of the opposition. For example, it is fair enough to say that Democrat policies have not been good for the black family – however, that doesn’t mean that 1990s Joe Biden was evil for wanting to lock up black criminals. Yet, if you listen to Sean Hannity, it was racist for 1990s Biden to want to get black crack dealers off the street (and then the apparent implication is that he is still secretly racist).

Just so, it is fair enough to point out that the Democrats’ policies of shutting down oil pipelines requires the US to import fuel from the Middle East. But that doesn’t mean that manmade global warming is real.

The important thing to understand is that this literally never ends – and that Democrats understand what is happening. They are happy to be called hypocrites, as long as they get to determine truth and morality in the absolutist way that conservatives allow them to.

At this point, you have Republicans claiming that Joe Biden is the real Russia-colluder.

(If you want to see any of this stuff, check Jack Posobiec’s Twitter feed – he is actually much more extreme than Sean Hannity in just vomiting up pure narrative.)

You have a similar type of thing going on with the Wuhan Lab Leak hoax. It’s a little bit different, but what the media did was allow the right to have a “gotcha” moment, in order to get them back in line with the claim that there is a deadly pandemic happening.

Also a similar thing with the plan to “bring freedom to Cuba/China/etc.,” when our own government is denying us the most basic freedoms. You end up needing to claim that actually America is really free and therefore our government has total moral authority to bring freedom to other countries.

Then you have the fact that when the conservatives talk about making China like Taiwan, they’re talking about state-enforced gay pride. They will end up saying that actually, state-enforced gay pride is good because of freedom.

Everything comes back to these weird logic puzzles that get right-wingers twisted up and promoting the leftist narrative. The biggest culprit is the conservative media. Tucker Carlson has been a lot better about this, but he is still having a lot of two button decision moments, especially when it comes to China.

None of this really matters at this point, because we’ve already lost. Why we lost is basically academic. I struggle to know if it is even worth writing about any of this stuff at this point, because it’s certainly not going to do us any good.

But if I was only going to post the things that matter now, I would just have to delete the entire site and leave a message that reads:

Run – now

Whatever happens, avoid the needle

Do not let them take you alive