Wait – she licked a bucket?

The Hill:

The most prolific online fundraising platform for Democratic candidates and causes said Sunday morning that donors had contributed more than $91 million in the 28 hours after the Supreme Court announced Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died.

ActBlue said Ginsburg’s death had led to an unprecedented surge of donations to progressive groups. Donors gave $6.3 million in just one hour late Friday, and $70.6 million on Saturday, the platform said, both records for their respective time periods.

The previous daily record was nearly $42 million. The previous hourly record was just over $4 million.

“The record-breaking response we’ve seen from small-dollar donors shows that the left is eager to fulfill her final wish and ready to fight back against [President] Trump and [Senate Majority Leader Mitch] McConnell’s vow to push through a Supreme Court nominee,” ActBlue executive director Erin Hill said in a statement. “Grassroots donors are fired up and investing in taking back the Senate majority and the White House, electing Democratic candidates up and down the ballot, and bolstering organizations on the frontlines of the impending judicial confirmation fight.”

People really love partial birth abortion.

Partial birth abortion is bigger than The Beatles.

Just jam those scissors right through that infant’s spinal cord.

That’s what women’s empowerment is all about.

I’m literally not being sarcastic: this is literally what women’s empowerment is all about, according to any single woman on the street.

They also want to have sex with black men in public without getting dirty looks.


The other thing that women’s rights is all about is just ruining things men are trying to do for no clear reason.

Just ask these cunts.

They are out there, right now, trying to prevent Patriarch Trump from appointing a new justice because they allegedly think it is important to be nice to DEMON-rats.

Imagine if you were able to put some neo-Nazi feminist on the spot and make him explain what benefits society has had from giving women rights. What would he do? Would he jump out the window, like that meme?

I say what would a neo-Nazi feminist say, because neo-Nazis claim to be concerned about outcomes. Normal feminists will just say that the outcomes don’t matter, that the means justify the ends. (Further, it’s funnier to comment on neo-Nazi feminists, because it’s such a bizarre phenomenon, and also, they read this website and flip out. It’s hilarious to me to think of one of their 90 IQ moron followers reading this and thinking “yeah but but but but – my Aryan princess!”)

Though neo-Nazis, like everyone else who believes in ideology, are utopianists, who would probably just say that the solution to the problems caused by feminism is more feminism.

I’ll tell you though – as a practical person concerned about actual results as opposed to pushing an ideology, I cannot wrap my head around the feminist idea.

I mean look: we tried it.

We got a birthrate incapable of replacing our population, we got mass immigration, we got communism, we got black people rising up. None of this stuff that is happening would be possible without feminism. So to try to claim that feminism is worth it because it allegedly gives women some positive feelings – it’s totally nuts to me.

Society made a mistake.

The right-wing must start taking a hard position against women.

There is simply no conceivable way to make this women’s empowerment thing work.