Democrats to Suffer Same Fate as Other Enemies of a Great Leader Once Suffered

Gottfried Sturmherr
Daily Stormer
December 22, 2018

All roads lead to Auschwitz. All of them, no exception, believe me. I know everything about roads. I am the best when it comes to roads. You can ask anyone.

On Wednesday, Democrats were celebrating, because I—I mean, president Trump agreed to the spending bill without the payment for the wall. Little did they know.

They were happy, very happy. They were so happy, they were even singing and dancing, I mean, look at Nancy Pelosi, singing and dancing.

But then on Thursday, I changed my mind, just like that, lol. Eh… I mean President Trump changed his mind. He also just ordered the troops to be withdrawn from Syria, just like that. The elites in DC went totally nuts. They never saw it coming. No, they didn’t. Fools. Truly a Ship of Fools.

If everyone thinks you are literally a madman, imagine the things you can do. Just like that. This is also something that happened in history, I should know, I know all about history, believe me.

There is a small, rootless, internationalist group of people trying to stop president Trump. They don’t want him to Make America Great Again. They feel at home everywhere and they are the only ones that truly do. They do their business everywhere and when the people they have stolen from get upset, they just leave. They are internationalists. The people, We The People, we can’t follow them. We are bound to this soil, America.

The Democrats are internationalists. They don’t want borders: “No borders, no wall, no USA at all” is what they chant.

These Democrats, they are the enemy. They are the enemy of the American people, like the media, the Fake News media. They were happy about the spending bill. Without the funding, of course, until they weren’t.

They were singing and dancing and laughing. They are not laughing now.

“And I do NOT believe that those enemies, who were laughing back then, ARE STILL LAUGHING NOW.”