Democrats and Republicans Blaming Each Other for the Economic Collapse Won’t Continue After It Hits

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2020

This is the dumbest partisan blame game ever.

They all went along with shutting down the entire country. This necessarily was going to pop the “everything bubble.” Anything after that is just deck chairs on the Titanic.

Fox News:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., told “Hannity” Friday that fewer American workers likely would have been affected by economic restrictions imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic had Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., not held up the passage of last week’s coronavirus aid bill.

“I wondered when I saw … this week that six million more Americans lost their jobs, ‘How many of them could have kept their job had Nancy Pelosi not held this up?'” McCarthy asked.

“Today when we took out [loans] for small business … $5 billion got processed for small business today,” McCarthy said. “That could have been [done] a week ago had Nancy Pelosi not held this up.”

“We need to be working together, unlike what Speaker Pelosi is doing … She needs to focus on helping.”

The one thing these two will be able to work together on is pushing a Jewish agenda against the Chinese. You’re going to see partisan cooperation like never before, when we finally come out of quarantine and this war machine gets rolling.

I think these politicians themselves are probably enthralled in the hysteria.

Or maybe they’re in on the hoax, because they want to start a war with China.

McCarthy is one of the world’s biggest kikesuckers, believing that any time you question a Jew it is “evil.”

Anti-Semitism is evil. Especially after the synagogue shootings in California and Pittsburgh, we must strengthen our commitment to stand against anti-Semitism wherever it appears.

Gepostet von Kevin McCarthy am Donnerstag, 2. Mai 2019

Pelosi is in fact an even bigger kikesucker, saying that even after the US Capitol crumbles to the ground we are still going to send billions of dollars in free money to Israel.

And this is the Jewish agenda. Starting a war with China is issue number one for the Jews. They do not want their golem, the United States Military, to collapse. They need to use it to protect themselves from the Moslems, who would just Zerg Rush their base and kill them all if they were not protected by this military machine.

This was rapidly getting to the point where the Chinese were going to be able to just tell the US that they can’t keep starting these insane wars everywhere in the name of the Jews.

For the last several decades, the US, a nation totally controlled by Jews, has been focusing on these wars, along with:

  • Flooding their country with the lowest filth on the planet
  • Doing trannies and child trannies
  • Decriminalizing drugs
  • Promoting man-on-man anal everywhere
  • Producing pornography
  • Putting women and nonwhites in every position of power and authority
  • Spreading idiotic hysteria about how humans are changing the weather

Meanwhile, China has been building up real power and developing a healthy country in a logical, rational, adult way.

These people have woken up and found that China is now in a position to overtake America as the dominant global superpower, and it’s very possible that this entire Coronavirus hoax is designed to get us into a war with China.

Even if it wasn’t designed for that purpose, that is where it is going, because just like with the Great Depression, the only way out of this depression is going to be to start a massive world war.

You can already see the way the government is using the “Defense Production Act” to tell companies what to produce. You can see the way they’re stirring up active race hatred against the Chinese, saying they eat dogs and they’re purposefully spreading the virus.

This is happening.

We are going to need to examine further what all this will mean, because I don’t know and I don’t think anyone else does. But I am working now to try to put together some ideas about how a war with China might play out.

I don’t really see how the Chinese can lose. The single thing that the US has over them is a more technologically advanced traditional military, but I’m not at all sure this would be a traditional war. Plus, the advantage that China has all of the manufacturing not only for themselves but for the US… on first glance, a plan to have a war with China appears as hysterical as the Coronavirus agenda itself.