Democrats and Anti-Trump Republicans Spent Tens of Thousands on Private Security Since 1/6

It seems the government is increasingly in fear of the population as it lashes out against the population in ever more bizarre ways.

Daily Mail bullet points read:

  • Republicans and Democrats have ramped up security in 100 days since the riot
  • GOP Reps. who voted to impeach and Squad members are among big spenders
  • The funds revealed in new Federal Election Commission campaign disclosures
  • Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spent $45,000 on security for a trip to Houston
  • Republican Senator Pat Toomey has the highest security tab at $70,000
  • Rep. Liz Cheney has spent $50,000, while Mitt Romney has a $44,000 bill

Before you think “well, private security isn’t cheap” – these people already have taxpayer funded security. That taxpayer funded security was increased on demands of Nancy Pelosi and the rest following the 1/6 event.

If AOC spent $45,000 on a single trip, this would involve a massive entourage of dozens of people.

This is following a general trend that you’re going to see a lot more of: all of these elites are going to continue to separate further from normal people, going deeper into a bubble. This will lead to increasing disconnect and open hatred for the peasantry.

In ye olden times, the king would go down and mix with the people.

Modern supreme leaders do this as well.

Adolf Hitler was always going around shaking hands and kissing babies.

You’d expect that from a right-wing populist I guess, but many Asian communists have been the same way.

Kim Jong-un is to this day always out there among the people.

Of course, German Nazism and North Korean communism are much more like each other than either is like Western democracy.

Western democracy is an elitist system where the leadership class largely organizes itself around a shared disdain for normal people.

Democracy leaders live in fear because they are so guilty. It’s a vicious cycle, where their elite status increases their hatred of normal people.

I remember Alex Jones talking about this BBC article 15 years ago when it first ran, saying it was the elite admitting their plan:

Now, of course, it seems quaint to imagine the elite as breeding some kind of Aryan super-master race ruling over a bastardized class of mixed-race mutants.

We know now that this is not the plan.

Of course, it’s not going to be the reverse, either – because according to their plan, whites will no longer exist. The fact that white women are so heavily on-board with the agenda, on board with throwing white men under the bus and breeding with brown people or not breeding at all, means that if the problem is not solved within a generation, whites will cease to exist.

Fortunately, it appears plainly impossible that this system could last more than a generation.