Democrat Souls Were Sucked Out of Their Bodies by Trump at the Debate

For a look into just how demoralized the left was when Donald Trump actually completely destroyed their elderly avatar, look not ye further than the social media of one of the single most popular figures in the Democrat Party.

Michelle Obama has been sent out to attempt to address the fact that the energy is gone out of these people.

“If you were turned off by the President’s behavior last night, I feel you,” the monstrously sized black woman wrote. “But we can’t let him win by tuning out altogether. That’s what he wants.”

She went on to instruct the true believers in the Democrat revolutionary cause to go out to all of their friends and badger them constantly to vote for Joe Biden. “Follow up with them, every day,” the brutally large Scythian witch commanded.

I don’t think they have a real “big toy” on school playgrounds anymore, but when I was a child they did. At my elementary school was a unit that looked like this:

When I was five years old, I swung out off the center of that thing and lost my balance in the air and landed flat on my back. The experience that I felt was one that will never forget for my entire life, called “having the wind knocked out of you.” I laid on the ground, looking up at the blue sky, my short life flashed before my eyes as I realized I could not breathe.

An emotional version of this is what every single Democrat who watched that debate felt.

All of that energy is now ours.

I feel as though I have sucked the life-force out of these Democrats, and injected it into my own veins.

You witnessed every TV anchor flipping out over the debate, but you perhaps don’t know just how badly this has hurt these people. Understand: it has hurt them worse than you can possibly imagine.

At this point, the whole voting thing is pretty much moot. The Democrats have decided to do this mass fraud thing, which is going to mean two things:

  1. Trump will definitely win on election night, and
  2. Biden will definitely win on mail-in ballots

Those are already known facts.

We want the biggest possible win on election day, but there is no feasible scheme in which they do not present overwhelming numbers of mail-in ballots and claim victory.

So they are counting on their people having the energy to go out there and support them in this endeavor. They need to keep the energy levels very high, because they’re literally planning a violent overthrow of the military. Joe Biden says he’s going to use the military and the FBI to remove him from office.

Without the necessary energy levels, the whole thing fails.

I’ve seen some right-wing people nitpicking the debate. Firstly, that is gay and womanly, to look at a man with the kind of fire that President Donald J. Trump had spewing out of his body and finding something to criticize. But the critics are saying that he should have let Biden talk so that Biden would screw up his words. That makes sense to you, maybe, but it doesn’t make sense to someone who is smarter than you. Someone who is smarter than you knows that everyone already knows that Biden can’t string two sentences together, and this debate was about humiliation.

If Trump had given Biden the respect of letting him talk, even once, the process of total humiliation couldn’t have been completed.

The Democrats were sitting in their chairs watching this, rooting for Biden, wishing that he would be able to break out from underneath the absolute force of Donald Trump’s rage – but he was unable to ever do it. Every time he tried to get up, Trump knocked him right back down, and he simply did not have the ability to rise and meet the President at that level.

If Biden had been allowed to spew some garbled gibberish for two minutes straight, and then chuckle, it would have given comfort to his followers. Again: they know he can’t talk correctly, so letting him screw up his speech would have proved absolutely nothing. Think about it.

The only thing that letting him screw a sentence up really badly would have done would be giving Trump an opportunity to insult him further. I did want to hear Trump say, “spit it out, Joe.” But the opportunity for a specific, demoralizing insult wasn’t worth letting Joe steal the energy from the stage.