Democrat Senator Reveals That Donald Trump is DELIBERATELY Killing His Rally Attendants with Corona

Connecticut Democrat Senator Chris Murphy has revealed the hard truth that Donald Trump is deliberately killing people by holding rallies.

As we know, the coronavirus has already killed over seventy bajillion zillion people, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is a truthful person and a genius who only ever gives out correct and accurate information, estimates that as many as three-hundred trillion bazillion gorillion people will die by next week.

To understand just how devious this mass-murder plot by Trump is, the word “deliberately” means “on purpose.”

Trump is holding these rallies specifically because he wants to kill people on purpose. He wants to kill off his own voters.


Why did Syrian President Bashar al-Assad randomly gas his own people?

Because he is pure evil.

It’s the same old story: evil people do things just for the sake of being evil.

That’s not only true, it’s science.

Because Democrats like¬†Senator Chris Murphy don’t just make things up – that’s Trump territory. Trump has his “alternative facts.” Well, Democrats have the original facts, which are the factual facts from science, and those facts say that you have to wear goggles to keep from spreading coronavirus out of your eyeballs and that Donald Trump is using a virus to murder his own supporters at rallies because he is a bad, mean person.

There is one reason and one reason only that people can legitimately have large gatherings in the age of the coronavirus, and that is for Democrat rallies. Because even though coronavirus has killed bazillions and bazillions of people, systemic racism is even more dangerous, and we can only fight it by having massive rallies and violent, terroristic riots where everything gets looted and burned down.