Democrat Message to Blacks: “Vote for Joe Biden and Get Shot to Death in Front of the Church”

Despite what has been claimed of Andrew Anglin, Andrew Anglin does not “hate” black people.

Andrew Anglin is exhausted by the behavior of black people, and he is willing to frankly say this, which is considered inappropriate in our modern Jewish-dominated culture, where a white man isn’t allowed to say anything.

The absolute fact of reality is that this worst behavior of the blacks is callously endorsed and encouraged by the Democrat Party.

New York Post:

A 62-year-old Brooklyn church caretaker was fatally shot on Monday night at the house of worship where he selflessly served, police sources and witnesses said.

The victim, identified by church members at the scene as Edward James, was shot in the torso about 5:10 p.m. in front of Glorious Church of God on the corner Halsey Street near Marcus Garvey in Bedford-Stuyvesant, police and sources said.

James, affectionately known in the neighborhood as “Swaine,” appeared to be an unintended target, sources said. He was taken to Kings County Hospital and pronounced dead, police said.

The victim, who had a family and children, was a fixture at the church, his friends at the scene told The Post.

“He was an icon of the church,” said Ronald Stewart, 72, a deacon in the church.

A church musician recalled seeing James regularly sprucing up the outside of the building.

“Always out here taking care, sweeping. Doing everything to upkeep the house of the lord,” the musician, 42-year-old Ron Stewart, said.

Darius McNeil, 32, also a church musician, added of James: “He was our family. We may not have been blood, but he was family.”

The suspected shooter is believed to be a man in his 30s who fled the scene on foot, sources said.

Witnesses said they heard three shots go off on the usually quiet block.

You would think that blacks themselves would also be exhausted by this.

In fact, I suspect that a lot of them are.

Black people are poor because they’re stupid, genetically, and we haven’t figured out a way to babysit them in a way that results in them maintaining a normal quality of life.

However, being poor and stupid doesn’t mean you want to get shot to death.

This whole “Democrats are the real racists” thing does have some bit of validity, when you look at the way these people are just used to push an agenda that is going to lead to many more of them being shot to death in front of churches.

What a nasty thing, to shoot an old man in front of his church. I don’t care what race he is, this is horrible. And all of this violence is an absolute result of Democrat policies encouraging violence, which they say are beneficial to black people.

I don’t think blacks are going to vote for Donald Trump on a large scale, but I think a lot of them are going to stay home. “Vote for Joe Biden and get shot in front of the church – the killer won’t ever be arrested” is hardly an inspiring campaign promise.