Democrat Media Claims Biden Now has 6 Million More Votes Than Trump

Joe Biden is the single most popular person who has ever existed in the entire universe.

It’s so inspiring to see the number six million associated with people fighting against fascism, instead of with six million Jews gassed to death in fake shower rooms with wooden doors by fascists.


President-elect Joe Biden’s margin of victory over President Donald Trump surpassed 6 million votes on Friday, as ballots continue to be counted across the nation.

Trump has refused to accept defeat in the 2020 election, despite Biden’s decisive win in the Electoral College and the popular vote. The former vice president has won nearly 80 million votes, which is more votes than any US presidential candidate in history by a considerable margin. Trump has received nearly 74 million votes.

CNN and other outlets projected Biden won the race nearly two weeks ago, when Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes put Biden above the 270 needed to become president. Biden ultimately is projected to get 306 electoral votes while Trump gets 232, the same amount Trump beat Hillary Clinton by in 2016.

Six million is a very magical number for the Jews.

In fact, they claimed that six million Jews died in World War I.

Of course, they were lying at that time.

But then, in the most real historical event that ever happened, exactly six million were seriously killed in World War II. Most were gassed to death in fake shower rooms with wooden doors. However, others were masturbated to death. Some had their brains smashed in with pedal-powered brain-smashing machines. Others still were killed in chambers with electric floors.

It must be so inspirational for the Jews to finally see six million for something that is going to help the Jews. Finally, the Jewish agenda will be inflicted on the entire world, and the healing can truly begin.

Unless of course the evil fascist Trump is able to steal the election, by being overly specific about the nature of these six million votes. Trump has already demonstrated that he not only doesn’t believe that blacks should be allowed to vote, but also that dead people should be disenfranchised.