Democrat Debate: Moderator Spreads Alt-Right Conspiracy Theory About White Racial Displacement

Daily Stormer
December 21, 2019

The sixth Democrat debate happened this week on PBS, and like most things that happen on PBS, it was all white people. (Other than Andrew Yang, who is Chinese. And Chinese are regularly considered white now, somehow.)

As was to be expected, nothing interesting happened. Except one interesting thing did happen: the issue of white people becoming a minority in America was brought up, in a shockingly direct fashion, when Amy Klobuchar was asked what she is going to do about these whites being displaced in their own country.

Apparently, you are allowed to talk about White racial displacement and not be called a conspiracy theorist. You just have to act like it’s good.

Amy Klobucher was asked directly about the issue by the black female moderator, Yamiche Alcindor (1:16:57 in the above video).

Alcindor asked:

Senator Klobuchar, here in California, people who identify as Hispanic, black, Asian or multiracial represent a majority of the population, outnumbering white residents. The United States is expected to be majority nonwhite within a generation. What do you say to white Americans who are uncomfortable with the idea of becoming a racial minority, even if you don’t share their concerns?


Are we sure Yamiche isn’t one of ours??

Not only did this BASED woman of color just admit that Whites are a racial group, but also that their concerns are not fantastical. The language of the question almost normalizes the discussion of White dispossession.

She didn’t use any loaded language at all – even the word “uncomfortable” was conciliatory. I don’t know how the Jews at the DNC let this one slip through.

Here is what Amy replied with:

I say this is America. You’re looking at it. And we are not going to be able to succeed in the world if we do not invite everyone to be part of our economy. Our Constitution says that we strive for a more perfect union. Well, that’s what we are doing right now. And to me, that means, one, that everyone can vote, and that includes our communities of color. This action that’s been taken by this president and his people and his governors all over the country is wrong. They have made it harder for African-Americans to vote. As one court said, discriminated “with surgical precision.”

Well, that didn’t really answer the question, did it?

And isn’t “we have to do it because the economy” a GOP talking point?

I get that Klobuchar is supposed to be a moderate, but shouldn’t she have said something about how white people are evil?

Something like:

Whitey deserves this because of the Crusades, slavery and the Holocaust. Your children will be brown and there’s nothing you can do to stop it!

She literally didn’t even say “diversity is our greatest strength.”

The most important talking point we can push in the realm of partisan politics is this: “Democrats hate white people.”

Luckily, our job has become much easier because the Dems have done us the service of no longer denying it.

The next time someone says that White people being ethnically replaced is a conspiracy theory, I can just point them to the Dems casually discussing it. It might even wake a few soy boys up.

You’d think they’d want to stay alive long enough at least to see Star War XVI: Intergalactic Alien Orgy in a few years.