Democrat Debate II: Part II

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2019

The second half of CNN’s Democrat debate included Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang, the only of these candidates I actually care about. Though they didn’t really get much time, and the rest of it was just gross robot nonsense.

I covered Tuesday night’s debate last night, and it was really a waste of time. So Wednesday, I just watched it vaguely in the background while I was doing other things.

The most interesting thing about Wednesday’s debate was that people in the crowd started yelling.

It was these well-dressed African gentlemen.

They’re talking about some stupid coon nonsense that no one cares about. But it was funny.

The rest of this shit, I do not care about.


The only thing interesting that happened in this very long and very boring section was that Tulsi Gabbard used the “sickness care” term, and called out Your New Mommy Kamala Harris for working with a pharmaceutical shill to write her health plan.

Open Borders?

Most of these people are saying they want to decriminalize border crossings, which means total open borders.

The Mexican Joker confirmed that he wants open borders and said that “open borders is a right-wing talking point.”

It’s actually his talking point.

Michael Bennet, who is apparently Jewish, brought up that his mother fled the Holocaust. But he said he doesn’t want open borders.

Your New Mommy Kamala said “children are in cages.”

Joe Biden is sticking to his “moderate” guns on this particular issue and is saying he won’t open the border.

Tulsi didn’t call for open borders.

Yang said that people are focusing on horror stories and he just wants to talk about robots.

This guy (no idea who he is) called Trump a White Nationalist.

Bill de Blasio attacked Biden for Obama’s deportations and Biden really slipped up.

Then the gaynigger jumped in and started raping poor old Joe.

He even said “shithole,” which I don’t think you’re allowed to say on CNN before 10 PM. Very disrespectful.

Should We Stop Crime?

The candidates all agree that we should not stop crime.

Gaynigger Booker used the term “Marijuana Justice.” Which is kinda funny.

Booker went very hard (rape?) on Biden for his history of locking up so many niggers.

The Mexican Joker actually talked about Michael Brown. I haven’t heard him mentioned in literally years.

Old Memes McGee over here. No one talks about those BLM niggers anymore because everyone already knows they did the crimes and attacked the cops.

He brought up Eric Garner too. Who is a little bit more relevant because he was in the media recently after it was announced that the cop who put him in a chokehold after he resisted arrest is not going to be fired from the NYPD.

This bitch came in and started talking about him too.

“Illegal chokehold,” she says.


Then Your New Mommy swooped in and raped Biden about his history of anti-Black and pro-prison stances, yet again.

Do all of these boomer moderates who are supposed to vote for this guy actually exist? Because all these people he’s up against are saying completely different things than he’s saying and really beating the shit out of him.

I honestly don’t even know what the average Democrat believes about all of this hardcore communist stuff.

The other thing about Biden is that he’s really old and he’s mumble-mouthed. He can’t say sentences without getting confused – he kept saying “oh well, anyhow” and trailing off in the middle of sentences.

Tulsi slammed Your New Mommy Kamala for putting a bunch of niggers in prison. Kamala isn’t actually even a real nigger. She put people in jail for marijuana then laughed about how she smoked it! She’s an Indian SPY!


Everyone agrees that Donald Trump is a racist and racism must be stomped out.

Except Andrew Yang didn’t say that. He fielded the question about racism to talk about… ROBOTS!

Then Don Lemon told the Mexican Joker that Donald Trump makes racist tweets and the Mexican Joker agreed that Donald Trump is a racist.

Also, do any of you know who this annoying cunt is?

Whoever she is, she really loves niggers and I think she said that White people should be shot. Though I wasn’t really paying very close attention, so don’t quote me on that.

How to Change the Weather?

I can’t even stand this topic. It’s dumber than healthcare, which I also do not give a fuck about because I’m not a fat person and I don’t have cancer or some other weird disease.

Old Man Biden got hit hard here again. But he’s abandoned his moderate stance here and said that he’s going to ban all coal.

Tulsi isn’t trying to ban all fossil fuels, actually.

She just gave platitudes on this issue.

I wish someone would say that calling global warming “science” is bullshit.

Donald Trump used to say that.

Donald Trump should be hosting these debates.

At one point, that one bitch attacked Biden for saying that women being at work was destroying families.

He told her that he never actually believed that.

I didn’t even know he said that. He really was great way back when.


Everyone was giving their websites in their closing remarks, and Joe, looking terribly shaky, said “if you agree with me, go to Joe 3.. 0 3…3… 0.”

He really had a hard time remembering those numbers. Initially I, like probably most people watching, thought that for some reason he’d gotten a campaign website that was “” It’s actually the number you’re supposed to text to get his SMS updates.

He’s really losing his composure, due to being so old. I think that might become a pretty big issue here. Like I’ve said so many times before, it’s great (I guess) that old people are extending their lives and able to walk around and so on into their 70s and 80s, but while their bodies are staying healthy, they minds are still disappearing at the same rate they always did. This has become a type of optical illusion, where people assume that because a man in his 70s is spry and hopping all around with energy, he must be of sound mind when nothing could be further from the truth.

Joe Biden is 76 years old, meaning he would be 78 when he assumed office. This is simply absurd.

Robert Mueller is only 74, and we just saw him appearing before Congress in a total senile daze, not being able to even understand where he was, let alone the questions people were asking him.

We have to get these old people the hell out of public society. We never had men in their 70s running everything before and we sure as hell shouldn’t have ever started it. Boomers need to be force-retired, or simply euthanized.

Anyway, they said some other stuff. Not anything interesting.

It’s this same stupid robot thing. These people are like tape recorders loaded with slogans. It is all useless. It is only Tulsi and Yang that have anything interesting to say, and they barely get to speak at all.

In Yang’s closing remarks, he called out the entire spectacle as a rehearsed reality TV show.

True dat.

If you didn’t watch this already, I don’t recommend doing it. It you actually want to, you can’t watch it on YouTube and have to go to

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