Democrat Debate I Part II: The Reckoning

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 28, 2019

“Democrat Debate I Part II: The Reckoning,” the highly anticipated sequel to Wednesday night’s “Democrat Debate I Part I,” aired Thursday night.

And it was quite a walloper.

This debate had all the heavy hitters – Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris and that queer little fagboy.

Here are a few of the top takeaways from last night.

Yang Victorious!

Andrew Yang DOMINATED the stage and was voted Chairman of the debate on the Drudge Report poll, which is the only serious poll on the internet.

Andrew Yang doesn’t wear a tie, he doesn’t give a fuck and he’s Chinese.

He’s also polite and not disgusting like the rest of these diabolical democ-RATS.

This is after Tulsi won the first debate.

Meaning that I am right and my two people are the preferred people of THE PEOPLE.

He didn’t win Google Trends like Tulsi did tho.

Kamala Harris is a High Yella Who Thinks She be a Rill Streets Nigga

Kang Kamala stuck it to THE MAN Joe Biden, saying that maybe he isn’t a racist but he would be.

Dat rough riding bitch also claimed that in da hood, niggas was fearin’ to approach she, cuz dey knew she crayyyy.

The best part was when they asked her what she liked to do on the weekends and she said “I’m in the crib givin’ niggaz deep throat.”

Despite her irreverence, I still believe that Kamala Harris is unelectable, and this entire hype around her is simply because the media knows that the narrative is “black is best, black is number one skin color, black forever.”

Chris Matthews did ask her how she doesn’t hate all white people.

But he’s a bit of a goof. He said before she wasn’t really African-American.

Everyone Wants to Give Free Healthcare to Illegal Immigrants

Everyone rose their hand about giving free healthcare to illegals.

Joe Biden is supposed to be a moderate, but he went ahead and endorsed the idea.

I mean, they get it already, so it’s kinda like “okay, sure.”

But these people are all simply signaling that they are going to call down the greatest mudflood the earth has ever seen.

And I know a thing or two about #MudFloods.

A lot of people don’t know shit on the topic, but I’ve watched every YouTube video.

Ted Cruz Embraces Clown World Meme

Is Ted Cruz going to run in 2024 on a meme platform?

I guess that is good?

Some Guy No One has Ever Heard of Says Immigration is Like When His Mom was in the Holocaust

Is this asshole even a Jew?


Apparently, his mother is.

I was pretty sure it’s against the rules for a goy to talk about surviving the Hitlerian Lampshade Terror. Even though they claim 5 million goyim were killed in it.

Warmonger Biden Can’t Explain How He Can Be Trusted After Invading Iraq

Joe Biden the neocon couldn’t explain how he can be trusted after launching the invasion of Iraq based on fake news from the New York Times and Dick Cheney.

People are saying he “stumbled.” I don’t know if he stumbled so much as he’s just senile.

We have to euthanize old people. These boomers are living too long. They need to be put in homes and abused by black people, which is what they all did to their own parents.

Eric Swalwell Envisions Himself as the New Charlie Manson

If you’re rooting for a Helter Skelter, this is gonna be your guy.

How did he even get into the debates though?

He has such an offensive face.

Bernie Cucks on Guns

Bernie cucked hard on gun rights.

He’s losing his appeal to me and other right-wingers with all of this cucking to the Democrat machine. I can’t believe that he actually thinks that he lost to Hillary last time for any other reason than that the Democrat machine kiked him.


This was stupid and boring, like the one last night.

The only interesting people are Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. Sort of maybe Bernie. All of the rest of these people are just shills, spewing meaningless platitudes.

Donate $1 to Tulsi and Yang to get them in the second debates if you haven’t already. And even if you have already, get your friends and family to do it. It’s only two dollars. (The marker is total donations, the amount doesn’t matter.)

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