Democracy is a Scam

Daily Stormer
April 21, 2017

What we really need is national Conanism, which is also known as hyperborean warlordism.

The Jews’ agenda is to make everything complicated and gay, so as to create an atmosphere of confusion which facilitates them kiking everyone. And the ultimate example of this is in their unrelenting promotion of the nonsense they call “democracy.”

Democracy is one of the more ridiculous Jew scams in the history of man.

In reality, politics is really simple. It was figured out thousands of years ago in great detail. All you really need to know is this: to work well, a nation needs to best people at the top making the decisions, and the worst people at the bottom sweeping the streets, and everyone else in between doing stuff that makes sense according to their natural abilities and inclinations.

Simple stuff.

Democracy is the reverse of that. It’s the worst system imaginable. By making rulership some kind of gay popularity contest, you’re getting rat-like schemers and serial liars being promoted to the top of society, while honest men have no chance of competing. This is doubly so if you allow every last retard, criminal and third world primitive a right to vote as well – which, of course, the Jews insist is more “democratic.”

Indeed, it is more democratic – because the essence of democracy is about flipping the order of nature upside down.

Why do the Jews love this so much?

Because if the rulers of a country are weak-minded buffoons, then it’s very easy to manipulate, bribe and threaten them and thus gain control over goyim society. On the flip side, by dis-empowering the best and brightest of a society, they ensure that no effective resistance can be mounted to stop them.

That’s were we are now.

The “ruling class” is a gaggle of perverts, scumbags, liars and incompetent fools, most of which would probably have been street sweepers 500 ago – if that.

They couldn’t harvest crops without being micromanaged. Even then, they’d probably start stealing grains at the first opportunity. Absolutely serf-tier.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that we’re not going to win this by voting. Especially not at the highest levels of government.

Even if we had bona-fide Nazis running, the system will just cheat to prevent them from gaining power. This is already happening on a large scale with the moderate civic nationalist parties in Europe.

Even if, by some fluke, by some glitch in the system, a nationalist would gain office in a major Western nation, the entire bureaucracy, business and media would collude to prevent any real change from occurring.

And no, protests are not going to change things either. Even if every White man in the world “protested” against the Jews, it wouldn’t change anything. Protesting is like whining after someone punches you in the face.

Newsflash: your enemy already knows you don’t like getting punched in the face. They did it because they don’t care. They did it because they hate you. Begging the Jews for mercy is not going to change anything.

They’ll just keep on attacking us even if it means their own destruction.

The good news is that the system is managed so poorly that it’s basically crumbling. In the USA, Obamacare is going to collapse, bringing with it untold misery to the masses. Industries are using automation to make low-wage jobs obsolete, and AI to make high-wage jobs increasingly rare and specialized.

What’s going to happen when no one has a job except for a few executives and engineers, and the welfare state is in a state of collapse? Hmmm…

The thing that we need to be doing, rather than wasting energy on propping up one shill or another, is building up bro communities – or brommunities, as I call them. By building bonds with solid guys from your area, combining your forces, you can prepare for that new reality.

We have to make sure that as the Jew system is less and less capable of serving the common people, tight-knit groups of Nazi bros take over those duties instead.

This is known as WARLORDISM.

Abducting women on horseback is also an integral part of the warlordist social philosophy.

Basically, a group of men pool their resources to mutually support each other and build infrastructure, then begin to help the communities around them in order to make them rely on you instead of the Jew system.

You can listen to my podcast “This is the plan” for more detail on this process.

But basically, we must all take responsibility for wrestling back control of this world from the Jew, and we can’t do it individually. It’s time to kick things into high gear.