#Democats: If I was an Advisor to the Democrat Party, We’d All be Fucked

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 10, 2018

I’m just throwing this out there, just on the very outside chance that someone else could think of it and tells the Democrat Party and they would listen to them. After it’s been posted on a neon-nazi website that this is the advice I would give, they can’t actually do it.

But here: if I was a Democrat strategist, I would meme the shit out of “Democats” – that is, I would tie the image of the party to cats and have members of the Party embrace the meme and post pictures with and of cats on official social media accounts. Then I would have both the old weirdos and the young stars mention it in interviews.

You see, these people are suffering from a crisis of humorlessness at least as much as they are suffering from a crisis of ideology. All they do is whine and talk about impending doom, so all they get is the whiney doom-gloomer market. While limited, this market is extremely active, so they look out and see people storming the Supreme Court building and clawing at the doors and they’re like “wow, we’ve really inspired energy in people.” No joke, this is actually what’s happening.

Bill Clinton was such a fun-loving and charismatic guy he was able to talk his way out of rapes and so on. Always had a smile on his face, that one.

Obama was black, so he had that swagger they have. He also laughed and made jokes.

Hillary did not make any jokes and when she laughed she sounded like an escaped mental patient – she cackled.

Now you’ve got Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer, Queen Maxine and the rest of the gang up there acting like programmed electronic whining machines.

Some cat pics and a fun meme relating to cat pics – #Democats – could do so much for this Party.

The root of this meme and humor deficit that is killing the Party is the fact that anyone with a high enough IQ to meme well is not a leftist. The only high IQ Democrat demographic is Jews, and Jews can only do humor about farts and masturbation.

As I’ve often stated, my favorite mind-exercise is to imagine what I would do as a Democrat propagandist. This #Democats thing has been rolling around in my head for a while, and given that they’ve already dropped the Taylor Card, I fear that they could have paid someone tens of millions of dollars to meme #Democats for them, and had to get this out there just in case.