Delhi Minister Says India’s Air Pollution is at “Unbearable Levels,” But Greta Thunberg is Not Talking About That

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 4, 2019

Greta Thunberg and her army of Climate Warriors are marching down the streets with signs warning of a climate crisis. But, for some reason, she has yet to talk about the countries most responsible for polluting and contaminating the environment.


To make matters worse, the Climate Empress has stated that “richer countries such as Canada and Sweden need to get down to zero emissions much faster so people in poorer countries can heighten their standard of living by building the infrastructure we have already built.”

She wants whites to live like the Amish while India and the rest of the world continue to destroy the planet.

Why else would she be preaching in the United States and Europe but not in India?


Air pollution in the north of India has “reached unbearable levels,” the capital Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvid Kejriwal says.

In many areas of Delhi air quality deteriorated into the “hazardous” category on Sunday with the potential to cause respiratory illnesses.

Authorities have urged people to stay inside to protect themselves.

Mr Kejriwal called on the central government to provide relief and tackle the toxic pollution.

Schools have been closed, more than 30 flights diverted and construction work halted as the city sits in a thick blanket of smog.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain advised the city’s residents to “avoid outdoor physical activities, especially during morning and late evening hours”.

The advisory also said people should wear anti-pollution masks, avoid polluted areas and keep doors and windows closed.

How bad is the smog?

Levels of dangerous particles in the air – known as PM2.5 – are far higher than recommended and about seven times higher than in the Chinese capital Beijing.

An Indian health ministry official said the city’s pollution monitors did not have enough digits to accurately record pollution levels, which he called a “disaster”.

Five million masks were handed out in schools on Friday as officials declared a public health emergency and Mr Kejriwal likened the city to a “gas chamber”.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says a third of deaths from stroke, lung cancer and heart disease are due to air pollution.

This is having an equivalent effect to that of smoking tobacco,” the WHO says on its website.

I’d rather smoke tobacco than breathe Indian air.

As for fighting against the adverse health effects caused by such levels of contamination, brilliant Indian minds have brilliant Indian solutions.

Yeah, that tweet is not fake or a parody.

If Greta and Leo DiCaprio really want to save the planet, they have to understand that what they’re doing right now is working towards the opposite.

By demanding white countries take the first step towards carbon neutrality, they’re making people believe that whites are causing the most harm to the environment, and that is not true.

Whites are the only ones that even care about the health of the planet.

If our countries did what Greta asks, whites would be giving up their power and with it, the capacity to enforce on a global scale any kind of policy to protect the environment.

To save the world, we have to conquer the world.

Once everyone’s under our rule, we won’t let anyone put a dirty finger on Earth.

We have to do this for her.

We have to conquer Earth in order to save her.