Delhi Closes Schools, Preparing for “Pollution Lockdown”

As it turns out, governments really like being able to lock populations in their houses. So they’re looking for new reasons to do that.

Note the glowing tone with which the Western (Jewish) media is reporting India’s new plan for pollution lockdowns.

Washington Post:

Shikha Nikhil’s two teenage boys spent much of the past 18 months cooped up in their home in the outskirts of India’s capital. Normal life resumed only in September, when covid-19 cases subsided and their school reopened.

Their freedom didn’t last, their mother said. This week, Raghav is again locked at home, unable to attend school or play outdoors. Krishna is again wheezing and huddled next to a vapor machine to ease his labored breathing.

The pandemic hasn’t returned — New Delhi’s notorious air pollution has.

As a thick, toxic haze envelops northern India, officials in Delhi this week shut schools, closed government offices and ordered a halt to construction projects, adopting measures reminiscent of the pandemic. With measurements of harmful airborne particles hovering at 20 times the safe limit recommended by the World Health Organization, Delhi officials said Monday they have drawn up plans to redeploy another familiar strategy: a full lockdown of the capital.

Coming a few months after shoppers, students and workers began to gingerly venture outdoors following a deadly covid wave this spring, Delhi’s response to its air crisis and talk of a renewed lockdown are shattering any sense of normalcy that was gradually settling over this region of 17 million residents.

Delhi has been the pollution capital of the world for decades, and none of the residents ever cared. But now the government is going to force them to care.

It’s almost like “shattering any sense of normalcy” is the goal.

They were so happy to be back in school in October after almost two years, and now they’re back home,” Nikhil said about her two boys, who she worries are struggling to focus on upcoming standardized exams as they bounce in and out of the classroom.

There’s no stability, no sanity,” Nikhil said. “First it was covid, and now it’s pollution. There is no end to it. But how can you expose your kids to that air? You choke, you literally choke.”

While Delhi citizens fumed in recent days about the air quality, the issue has been litigated in the country’s Supreme Court, where judges grilled Delhi officials about their plans to solve what was approaching a full-fledged emergency.

At a closely watched hearing this weekend, one judge complained that people had to wear masks at home. Delhi’s air was indeed so poor, a lawyer representing the city government told the bench, that breathing it for a day was equivalent to smoking 20 cigarettes.

By Monday, Delhi officials announced they had drafted a plan to lock down the city for a few days — a measure that had never been implemented until the covid outbreak last year.

It’s not clear if or when city officials would make such a move. Arvind Kejriwal, Delhi’s top elected leader, called a lockdown an “extreme” step, but one he would take if he had backing from the leaders of neighboring regions and branches of the central government.

Air pollution has been a perennial problem every winter across northern India, where factors including cold temperatures, low wind speeds, the setting of fireworks during the Diwali festival and crop-burning in states like Punjab combine to form a noxious, gray soup that gathers easily over the densely populated Gangetic plain but is much slower to dissipate.

Air quality was markedly better last year, as economic activity slowed amid the pandemic. This year, experts warned that the pollution would be exacerbated by the abnormally long monsoon season, which forced farmers to burn their stubble in a shortened window after the Diwali festival, which took place on Nov. 4.

The WaPo goes on to praise the progressiveness of India.

This thing very obviously mirrors the Western calls for “climate lockdowns.”

Of course, pollution actually exists, which is a lot more than you can say about global warming.

But the coronavirus didn’t exist, and they locked us down for that.

Progressively, you are going to see the coronavirus hoax morph into the global warming hoax, and become a permanent driver of society.