Delgazorb Blanghoff Gets Booed for Shilling the Deadly Vax, Yet Again

Delgazorb Blanghoff, failed businessman and disgraced failed president who now works as a Pfizer bagman, was once again booed this week when he appeared on with celebrated ladies’ man Bill O’Reilly to demand that the peasants take his deadly vaccine, which he falsely claimed saved lives.

It is a matter of basic math that more people have died “from the virus” since the rollout of the vaccine than before. It is also a matter of public record that people who take the vaccine are more likely to die “from the virus” than people who do not take the vaccine. Not even The Science argues that point.

Zombie Trump is Zombine Trump and that’s sad.

But it doesn’t matter anymore.

He chose his side, and he can’t switch back.

There are only two sides here.

The Trump phenomenon is dead, completely.

I was the world’s number one Trump shill, and I don’t even regret it, because I couldn’t have known. I couldn’t have known he would become a vaxer. But he is a vaxer, and he is now an enemy of the people, an enemy of America, and an enemy of humanity.

People should attend his events to boo.

People should chant “I will not comply!”

Of course he inserts the caveat “you shouldn’t be forced,” but that is not a position anyone takes. The only reason anyone would take this vaccine is that Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci told them to. Both of those men, as well as the health authorities in every Western country, say that the only way the vaccine can work is if everyone takes it.

So if you take it, and don’t try to force other people to take it, then according to The Science, all you’ve done is increased your risk of dying from the disease for no reason.

Anyone who takes the vax de facto supports everyone else being forced to take it, because according to all the people who say the vax works in any way at all, it only works if everyone takes it.

Trump has to be receiving money from Pfizer.

There is no other explanation as to why he would be purposefully alienating his core base on the issue that matters most to them. Months ago, you could have said “oh, he just wants credit for something the media says is an achievement.” But they’re not giving him that credit anyway, and even if they were, he would still be completely destroying his core base of support.

There is zero chance he doesn’t know how much people hate him for this. He is nothing if not a narcissist. He’s changed his positions consistently because of public opinion, on more issues than anyone could ever count.

But he is ride or die on the death jab. He’s being paid or threatened or something. Or maybe, he’s just gone totally insane. Whatever is happening, people need to oppose it. There need to be large protests with American flags against him.

The funny thing is that if American patriots come out and protest Trump and his vax, Antifa will show up to defend him. Something like this has already happened when Trumped bombed Syria and patriots showed up to protest and Antifa came to defend Trump’s attacks on Syria.

I am so tired of this.

We need signs:






Also, posters of people killed by the vax – “PFIZER TRUMP KILLED MY FAMILY”