#DeleteFacebook Gaining Traction – A Wild Elon Musk Enters the Fray!

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
March 24, 2018

I don’t know what Facebook is either – all I know is that it needs to burn.

The rise of social media has been both a blessing and a curse to the Alt-Right. On one hand, it shifted power away from traditional Jewish media and towards a more natural, distributed form of information sharing.

But on the other hand, it concentrated much of the internet’s thought space into the hands of a few companies like Facebook and Twitter, which are run by Jews and subversives.

The age of social media isn’t going away. People aren’t going back to getting their news from CNN or the morning paper.

One thing that can change, however, is that the existing leftist social media companies could fall from grace and collapse, opening up the field to newer, better players.

This would definitely be good for us.

Because you couldn’t possibly do worse than Zuckbook.

While the Zuck may or may not be a reptilian, we know for sure that he’s a Jew – which is much worse.


There is no greater burn than pretending you’ve never heard of something when that thing has 2.2 billion monthly active users. And Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, lobbed a fiery zinger at the world’s leading social-media behemoth Friday when he asked on Twitter: “What’s Facebook?”

He added fuel to the flame when he later deleted both company pages, becoming another tech billionaire jumping on the #DeleteFacebook movement.

Regardless of the reason, millions of people deleting their Facebook accounts is a great thing.

Facebook is a giant intelligence gathering operation, and it’s also heavily involved in information manipulation and thought control.

It admitted recently that it was experimenting with screwing with people’s emotions in order to observe their behavior.

This is not a power we want in the hands of Jews.

The online exodus from Facebook gained momentum in the wake of a scandal involving Cambridge Analytica, a British company that collected millions of Facebook users’ data without their knowledge or permission to help Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.

Yeah, this is getting pretty popular.

The political consulting company, for which former White House staffer Steve Bannon served as vice president at the time, collected personal information from an estimated 50 million users. It was used to create “psychographic” or personality profiles for voters in order to target them with Trump-related content.

One interesting question is, “if Facebook is so good for the Jewish agenda, why is the entire media establishment piling on to attack it?”

In my mind, there’s three main reasons.

  1. Legacy media view social media as a threat. They foolishly believe that by weakening Facebook’s public credibility, they’ll regain market share with the normies.
  2. This is just another mindless swipe at Donald Trump. By implying there’s some kind of wrongdoing at work, they seek to undermine his legitimacy.
  3. They fear the power that Facebook has to control electoral politics, and they want to pressure the Zuck use it exclusively in their favor in the upcoming elections.

God knowns he’s already trying.

All three are wrong and/or stupid. Even if Facebook collapses entirely, people won’t go back to legacy media. Facebook being corrupt and evil doesn’t make the Jew media any less corrupt in people’s eyes.

Moreover, as much as they want to portray this as some sort of Trump scandal, it’s obvious they haven’t done anything different from any other advertiser – so this won’t affect Trump’s support, at least with his base.

The third one is a cause for concern, but if Facebook is supplanted by other social media platforms, then it won’t matter if it shills against trump relentlessly. Moreover, Facebook is probably already doing everything it can on this field, limited only by their technical means.

Attacking Facebook with this angle is a big mistake by the legacy media. It only benefits us.

If Elon Musk can send rockets to Mars and help destroy Facebook, he might just go a long way towards being forgiven for his numerous crimes.

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