Delaware: Black Killed After Killing Black Cop, Barricading Self in House

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 28, 2017



(Yeah, I thought it was the same guy for a second too.)

What is the deal with these blacks and the violence?

Why do they not just chill?

Is it biological?

Fox News:

The man who shot and killed a Delaware trooper was killed Thursday morning in a gunbattle with law enforcement after a standoff at his home that stretched on for more than 12 hours, state police confirmed.

After police closed in on Burgon Sealy, Jr.’s house in Middletown with an armored bulldozer, the 26-year-old burst out of the home around 9:17 a.m. and started firing, State Police Superintendent Nathaniel McQueen said. Police returned fire, and Sealy was pronounced dead some 12 minutes later.


Here’s the attack-dozer.

They also had a military helicopter.

This was like some Iraq style operation.

These cops are always anxious to use their toys (which is probably a fact that is going to become more and more relevant).

The killer had fired at officers trying to negotiate a surrender outside his home around 4 a.m., Fox 29 reported. It was not known what type of weapon he was using. There were no reported injuries; people living in the area had evacuated but were later allowed back into their homes.

The standoff unfolded after the man gunned down a state trooper in a Wawa parking lot Wednesday in Bear, a Wilmington suburb about 20 minutes from Middletown.

McQueen told reporters Thursday that shortly after the shooting, Sealy had contacted family members to alert them that he shot an officer, who in turn relayed the news to police. With that information, McQueen said, investigators were able to track down Sealy at the home.

Cpl. Stephen J. Ballard, 32, had approached a “suspicious vehicle” with two men inside that had been parked outside the Wawa store for an extended period of time, investigators said. A struggle ensued and the one of the men shot the trooper multiple times before escaping, McQueen added. Police arrested the second man at the scene of the shooting.

As of Thursday afternoon, police have not yet revealed why the vehicle was investigated or the motive behind the shooting.

Yeah, “no motive” again.

What the news won’t tell you is that black people like killing each other, because they evolved in a violent place.

Generally, you like things that are good for your survival. This is why all living things that produce sexually like sex. It’s why humans tend to like sugary and fatty foods.

Life in Africa was defined by tribal warfare, so they developed to enjoy violence. The people who were born who didn’t enjoy violence would have died off before they could breed.

Whites, on the other hand, living in a cold area which required long-term planning, value orderliness. People who were disorderly did not breed, they froze to death, or failed to follow the pattern of migrating mammals, and starved to death.

This is also the reason for both the skin color and IQ differentials. People living in colder climates have lighter skin and require more intelligence.

You see the same thing in Asia, where the average Southeast Asian has much darker skin and about 20 points lower IQ than a Northeastern Asian.



The simplest explanation for this is simply “biological response to the weather.”

The reality of race is one of the many, many obvious facts that the ruling Jew establishment expects you to simply ignore because it is allegedly evil to think about.