Degenerate Perverts Compete for the Title of “Britain’s First Dad to Give Birth”

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2017

Hayden Cross.

A few days ago, Jewspapers around the world announced that Britain’s first pregnant “man,” Hayden Cross, had given birth to a girl.

Apparently, this man – who is actually a woman on testosterone supplements – realized it wouldn’t be possible to have a baby after completing her sex change operation, so she used a sperm donor to fulfill her curiously un-manly desire for motherhood.

Like most people reading the story, I gagged, cursed Winston Churchill’s name, then resumed life as normal.

However, a similar story emerged the next day.

Supposedly, another “female to male” pervert named Scott Parker had given birth to a girl on April 29th, almost 50 days before Hayden Cross did, and she wants recognition for her achievement!

Daily Mail:

Proud dad Scott Parker today reveals how he became the first man in Britain to have a baby.

The graphic designer, who was born female 23 years ago, gave birth to daughter Sara on April 29 – almost seven weeks before Hayden Cross, who last week was reported to be the first man in Britain to give birth.

As he tenderly cradled his daughter last night, ecstatic Scott declared: ‘She is beautiful and I feel so fortunate, and I think I am doing pretty well as a parent.’

Scott has been living as a man for two years and is a patient at the gender identity clinic at Charing Cross Hospital in West London but put his transition on hold to have Sara.

He proudly showed The Mail on Sunday a 32-week scan which clearly records his gender as ‘male’ and revealed how understanding staff at the hospital where he gave birth always called him ‘dad’.

Since the birth Scott has resumed life as a man and is continuing with his transition – planning to have an operation to remove his breasts next year. More surgery to transform other organs could follow.

Scott Parker.

Remember the 1994 Schwarzenegger film, Junior, about a man who gives birth?

How we all laughed at the ridiculous notion of male pregnancies. I doubt anyone back then would believe that stories of “men” giving birth would make international headlines 23 years later – and be composed with respect and understanding.

But here we are, in the “Hitler lost WWII” timeline of 2017, and insane women are competing for the title of “Britain’s first dad to give birth.”

I blame the Jews.

The taxpayer-funded process costs an average of £29,000.

Yeah, Britons are paying for these people to mutilate themselves and give birth to the next generation of fatherless, nation-wrecking liberals.

You know where this sort of thing wouldn’t have happened?

The Third Reich.

Later in the pregnancy Scott and his partner moved to Brighton, where he said staff at the Royal Sussex County Hospital were also careful to refer to him as a ‘father’ rather than a ‘mother’. His maternity card used the gender-neutral title ‘Mx’ rather than ‘Mr’.

Scott said his mother, a mental health nurse, his father, a bricklayer, and his three sisters have all been supportive of his transition and his decision to go ahead with the pregnancy.

I expect the brainless women to support their sister’s “transition,” but the bricklaying father? Laborers are supposed to be the last implicit stand of White masculinity.

Never mind. When White Sharia becomes the norm, and it will, “female to male” trannies will be forced to wear burkas like all other White women that haven’t learned to behave themselves. Let’s see how “transgender” these people really are once they’re forced to live in a society that punishes mental illness, not reward it.