Degenerate: Jack in the Box Selling Weed-Themed Happy Meals

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 30, 2017

The legalization of marijuana for recreational purposes is the most disgusting thing, demonstrating plainly the kind of deep sickness our society is suffering from.

It was only a matter of time before the corporate mainstream started celebrating this.

Fox News:

With California’s legalization of recreational marijuana taking effect Monday, fast-food chain Jack in the Box plans to take full advantage of the pot smokers by offering a new meal aimed at anyone with the munchies.

The weed-themed Merry Munchie Meal will be available at three southern California locations beginning mid-January and includes half servings of curly fries and onion rings, two tacos, five mini churros, three crispy chicken strips and a small drink. You get all of this for the on-theme price of $4.20 plus tax.

“Jack’s Munchie Meals have been successful for us because of the authenticity of how we speak to our customers. This partnership is one more way for us to connect with them…We are about welcoming all of our guests, no matter what they’re craving or why they’re craving it,” Iwona Alter, Chief Marketing Officer of Jack in the Box, said in a statement.

This limited-time offer was developed in partnership with Merry Jane, a cannabis-focused digital media company launched in 2015 by Snoop Dogg, and will be tested from January 18-25 in his hometown of Long Beach.

So cute.

Except not really.

Pot-smoking is gross. People just lay around doing nothing but listening to shitty music and playing video games.


I have met only a handful of high-functioning pot-smokers in my life, and I’m sure they were getting their weeds without a problem before legalization. The only reason that legalization would be chosen over simply decriminalization is if you wanted to actively encourage use among young people. And make money off of that, which all of these states that are legalizing it are doing.

The fact that marketers thought to make a happy meal – and it will probably sell well – tells you where the average pot-smoker is: the mind of a child.

I see not one single positive effect of marijuana being everywhere in a society.

Marijuana defenders will always compare it to alcohol, but the fact is, people drink alcohol socially a lot more than they drink it chronically. Virtually all marijuana smokers smoke it every day, and generally all day long (or at least starting as soon as they get home from work). In this sense, marijuana is also worse than cocaine, which isn’t legal, even though it is almost always used as a party favor rather than a lifestyle choice.

Also, although I would agree with the statement that the lows of alcoholism are much lower than the lows of marijuana addiction (you don’t see homeless bum marijuana addicts), alcoholism leads to more productive people than marijuana addiction. I can rattle-off the names of 50 heroes of mine who were alcoholics and not a single one that was a marijuana addict.

I can’t hardly think of anyone who is an accomplished person in any field other than music who smokes marijuana. Except Bill Maher. I was somewhat surprised to learn he smokes marijuana every day. I think Sarah Silverman and a few other non-musical Jewish entertainment figures do as well. But… not great company.

I advise young people not to smoke marijuana. If you are an older person and already committed to living your life that way, fine. But you don’t need special Snoop Dog weed happy meals. You can just buy regular happy meals from McDonald’s like normal people.

Pretty sure that’s just as “munchie” for the weed smoker.

We don’t need weed invading the mainstream culture like this.