Degenerate Artist Paul McCarthy’s Giant Inflatable Butt Plug Torn Down by French Patriots

Daily Stormer
October 19, 2014

Degenerate artist Paul McCarthy’s inflatable butt plug shown above before it was torn down by French patriots.

Well-known degenerate artist Paul McCarthy recently had a bizarre inflatable object he created torn down by French patriots.  Its appearance sparked outrage and anger in and around Paris.  McCarthy said the inflatable sculpture was apparently a combination of a Christmas tree and a butt plug.

London Guardian:

Vandals have attacked a large inflatable sculpture that sparked outrage in Paris for its resemblance to a sex toy.

Cables supporting the 24-metre green piece by US artist Paul McCarthy – which he said was inspired by a Christmas tree and a butt plug – were cut on Saturday, leaving the artwork slumped on the pavement in the Place Vendôme and forcing a security guard to deflate it, police said.

“An unidentified group of people cut the cables which were holding the artwork, which caused it to collapse,” police told Reuters. “The person responsible for the piece then decided to deflate it to avoid it being more seriously damaged.”

The deflated sculpture was being removed from the square on Saturday afternoon.

It provoked both mirth and outrage on the streets and social media when it was unveiled next to the Ritz hotel on Thursday.

McCarthy – who is from Salt Lake City and is incredibly old – was also assaulted as a result of creating this piece of “art,” getting slapped in the face by a Frenchman when he went to see it in the square.


The stranger, who slapped him three times, shouted that he was not French and that his work had “no business being on the square”, the paper writes.

Unhurt but shocked by the assault, McCarthy asked: “Does this kind of thing happen often in France?”

More evidence of this man’s mental illness includes some of his previous work which includes one piece depicting George W. Bush having anal sex with a pig.

Only a mentally ill person would create something as vile and disgusting as this.

This is exactly what Hitler warned us about.  This man should be put away in a concentration camp so he can no longer infect the rest of the world with insanity.

Portrait of the Artist as a Filthy Old Man
Portrait of the Artist as a Filthy Old Man

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