Degeneracy in Art: Has Taylor Swift Succumbed to the Merchant?

Michael Collins
Daily Stormer
July 13, 2015

Wherever there is social decay there you will surely find the Merchant. Some write about this under the guise of the “illuminati” in the music industry and all the silly symbolism associated with it but this is a kosher smokescreen and I’m not interested in cashing in on this like the fat man so I will just tell you the truth.

What we see before us is a severe transformation.

From this…


to this…



Note: Just like the Daily Stormer’s new banner there is a merchant in the corner of this picture. A squat, ugly, dyke, hyper-sexualized, fat hipped one at that. A case of art imitating life.

Daily Mail:

“Taylor Swift surprised fans as she called on her famous pack of girlfriends – Lena Dunham, Hailee Steinfeld, Gigi Hadid and Lily Aldridge – to help recreate her popular Bad Blood video onstage.”

Hello Merchant!

A Lena Dunham Selfie after to submission to

“Leggy in leather: Dressed in a dominatrix style jumpsuit, the 25-year-old beauty oozed heaps of sex appeal as she pranced around the stage with her pals”

“The talented songstress, who is travelling the globe on her epic 1989 world tour, happily got the crowds to their feet as she sang through some of her hits, while gyrating her hips on the dance floor.”

I’m not a prude and I am okay with some good taste displays of sexuality. This is why women wear lipstick after all but the race for the bottom and the desire to grab those low hanging shekels is what really annoys me. It is the degeneracy in art and the lack of effort that is so disappointing.

This is NOTHING NEW as indeed all of this has happened before from Miley Cyrus to the Weimar republic. The phrase “all of this is happened before and all of this will happen again” is sometimes associated with Disney’s Peter Pan movie having been repeated like a mantra throughout but on a philosophical level the idea can be traced to Frederick Nietzsche and his theory of the eternal recurrence and that history is so vast that certain patterns are destined to spontaneously coalesce out from the aetheric chaos of all available states.

In other words if it can happen it will happen… at some stage. On a positive note Nietzsche was only commenting on the possibility of something happening. As such really the only solution is constant vigilance against the unsavory and base, normally referred to as “putting in effort” which is something the jew is completely unfamiliar with.

Yes the common thread is the Merchant and his insatiable appetites. Good news though, decadence and decay normally signifies the end of an epoch. Kali Yuga brought to life on stage as it were.

Vile shekel slut Miley Cyrus and her jew manager Larry Rudolph . Is it just me or do his eyes look awfully bleary.

We see it everywhere, across the board.

From this…

Lawrence of Arabia (1963) directed by Sir David Lean, CBE (25 March 1908 – 16 April 1991) a Gentile English film director of who’s parents were Quakers. Screenplay by Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson (Wilson was a Catholic).

To this…

Yes Zukermann and Green I am talking about your tribe
Yes Zukermann and Green I am talking about your tribe

The concept of decay and decadence so thoroughly resonated with author Max Nordau that he wrote a treatise on the subject entitled, Entartung or “degeneracy.” Nordau was inspired by criminologist Cesare Lombroso, whose The Criminal Man, published in 1876, made the case that there were “born criminals” whose atavistic personality traits could be assessed by measuring abnormal physical characteristics and idea that led to the much maligned field of physiognomy.

As an aside: physiognomy actually may have merit. I would assert that traits such as a large nose can be readily associated with avaricious and destructive personality disorders and that physiognomy could be instructive by informing us that the brow ridge, large muzzle and flared nostrils of certain races are readily associated with low IQ, violence, poor impulse control and an inability to meet the modest demands of a civilized nation.

But I digress – Nordau went on to criticize so-called “modern art.” His basic premise was that those engaging in it have lost the self-control needed to produce coherent works and herein lies the crux of the matter. Without self-control and without discipline, even a simple personal discipline which  allows one to differentiate between what’s good and bad, then all things are acceptable. Liberalism has facilitated the loss of self-control and this loss finds its natural expression in “modern art.”

Little Sambo plays the blues. The poster of the "degenerated music" Entartete Musik exhibition in Düsseldorf (1938)
Little Sambo plays the blues. The poster of the “degenerated music” Entartete Musik exhibition in Düsseldorf (1938)

Wherever standards drop the Jew is always there to cash in on the morass and to make money by providing a ready vehicle for the revelry of society’s basest element who are now free to express themselves in the simplest terms.


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