Definitive Proof That Reddit News is Curated by an Army of Jews

Because Google News has become almost completely useless for any other reason than seeing the top ten stories of the day, I often skim reddit’s news boards.

For those who don’t know, reddit is a forums system where anyone can post something and people vote up or down. Based on the number of votes an item gets, it is ranked on the forum’s front page (the actual front page of reddit shows the top posts from all forums).

It is extremely rare that they promote old news on these boards, as the promotion of the news is based on votes, and voters will not vote for old news.

But here I was today, and the second news item in r/worldnews was a Jewish study about how sad it is that millennials don’t know enough about the totally real event known as the Holocaust.

A few minutes later, I refreshed the page, and it had made it to the top spot – ousting a standard coronavirus hysteria piece.

A study was released about a week ago whining about how young people don’t know enough about this hoax real historical event. When I saw that link in the #1 spot, I figured that the Jews must have released another study. Jews constantly barrage the goyim with studies, so before I even clicked the link, I was thinking up funny comments about how they released a second study saying the same thing a week later.

But no.

The CBS article linked to was an article from September 16th.

I’ve been browsing reddit news forums for at least a decade, and I do not remember any story that is a week old ever making it into the top ten, or even top fifty. Old stories that are for some reason relevant to the news of the day are sometimes in the top stories, but they are always marked with FLASHBACK. You can’t rightly have a flashback to last week.

This got me thinking: there have to be hundreds of Jews curating reddit news forums. There is literally no other conceivable explanation for this. No one other than a Jew is going to upvote a week old story, which was already featured on the site when it was new. The only person who would do that is a Jew who is attempting to maximize the milking of a Jew story.

The OP was of course a Jew – from Israel.

And the movement from second place to first place is just a result of front-page reading normies clicking it to get a dopamine hit of doing a good thing, their click helping to bring awareness to the unwashed masses about the dangers of people forgetting this totally real event.

But look: there are three separate types of boards on every reddit: Hot (trending), New, and Top.

“Hot” is the default, given that “Top” can have stories that are too old. Hot is where the week-old Holocaust news item was found today in the #1 spot.

In order to get to Hot, a post has to travel through New. There is a group of devoted people who go through the new posts page on the New section of all of the big boards and decide which stories make it into the top of Hot. This basically amounts to a kind of moderator-lite activity, as a normal user is not interested in curating the news stories, he just wants to check the daily news. Part of what these people do in their curating is make sure the stories are not a week old.

What this incident proves is that the people going through and curating the “New” section are overwhelmingly Jewish. I don’t think there is any other way this could have been proved definitively, but as far as I’m concerned, this definitively proves it.

If the Jews are curating r/worldnews, then it is easy to assume that they are engaged in the curation of every other big reddit forum. This may or may not be an organized effort. The Jewish domination of Wikipedia has been shown to be an organized effort, which in part involves the Israeli government. They’ve been doing this forever.

So it’s possible they are organizing to curate reddit. It is interesting that the OP of the article in question is Israeli. However, it’s also possible that this is just random Jews, who have an inborn drive to control the information that the goyim have access to.

Either way, it is really a shame that what is supposed to be an open and public platform is being manipulated by the Jews in order to push a Jewish agenda on the goyim. And it’s really kind of crazy that Jews totally control the media to the extent that they go into reddit like this and manipulate the news feed. It’s actually staggering.

But hey – there’s still some good stuff on reddit.

For example, this squirrel having a freakout.

What the hell is going on there? Seriously. What?

Furthermore, though I do not like videos of car crashes generally, this one really got me.

Mountain road plus double yellow plus illegal passing equals rapid deceleration from IdiotsInCars

And I guess everyone needs a little bit of this sort of thing in their life, don’t they?

…probably not, actually.