Defense Secretary Mark Esper Declares NATO Must Avoid Peace in Europe

Ukraine, 2014

To the credit of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, NATO has been working hard to avoid peace in Europe since 1991.

But, I thought this was one of those things you just did, not something you told people about?

Pretty bold to just come out and say it.

From the Department of Defense transcript of Defense Secretary Esper’s comments at a July, 29 press conference:

SEC. ESPER: Well, first of all, I’d say to President Trump’s credit, under his leadership, we have — we’ve seen an increase in defense spending by NATO. I think it’s over $130 billion over a few years. We have seen a few more countries join — I’ll call the 2 percent club. And that is, countries who have lived up to their Wales commitment — I think it goes back to 2016 under the previous administration — to contribute more to NATO’s collective defense.

Let’s be clear, I think Germany is the wealthiest country in Europe. Germany can and should pay more to its defense. It should certainly meet the 2 percent standard and, I would argue, go above and beyond that. And I’ve said that very publicly, I’ve said that very privately to my counterparts as well, about the importance of NATO, any alliance, sharing the burden so that we can all deter Russia and avoid peace in Europe [editor’s note. Secretary Esper intended to say “avoid conflict in Europe”].

And, again, the president’s directive in June accelerated that, and I think we are — we are excited about where we’re going and what it will mean in terms of our ability to enhance deterrence, strengthen the alliance in the process.

STAFF: All right, guys, thank you very much.

This was not one of those slips where the guy corrects himself – he just kept on talking to the end. So clearly, either he was not listening at all to the words coming out of his own mouth, or they made sense to him.

Which is worse?

Should we hope that he is just a Joe Biden type of individual and is not capable of making sense of his own speech?

Or should we assume that his brain is working fine at his age, and that this statement made sense to him?

We do have to wonder if he’s used to hearing and saying similar things in private settings within the Department of Defense.

That would explain a lot, actually.

Thank God we’ve had Donald Trump to hold back these petty, destructive agendas. He is the first president since Jimmy Carter to start exactly zero new wars or proxy wars.

I wish he would press that point harder in his re-election bid, and talk about the drone strike campaigns, color revolutions and the Libya bombing of the Obama-Biden Administration.

Killing people on the other side of the world is very unpopular, especially when you could just not do that instead. Progressive-leaning bleeding heart whites would respond well to this message, especially boomers who are old enough to have hated the Vietnam debacle.

If Biden wins, our nation will surely go back to terrorizing and looting other countries at random, and provoking Russia and China.

This does absolutely nothing for the American people. Wars of conquest made sense in feudal times, when the economy was based on land. Now, it is based on the technological capacity of a nation. All the capable people have nukes now, so the only ones that are still up for the taking are not even worth taking. It’s a waste of time.