Defecator in the Street Banned as CS:GO Cheat

Daily Stormer
October 19, 2018

A poo in loo from OpTic’s India-based franchise has been caught cheating at an Asian tournament.

Fox Sports:

In a remarkable turn of events, OptiC India player Nikhil “Forsaken” Kumawat was caught cheating in the eXTREMESLAND LAN tournament.

The incident took place in the deciding match between OptiC India and Team Revolution from Vietnam. A technical timeout was called out and an admin team rushed towards Forsaken computer after a suspicious activity was detected by the anti-cheat system.

It doesn’t take some kind of sophisticated anti-cheating system to see a guy’s cursor lock onto a guy he can’t see and follow his jump arc perfectly while wallbanging him through the crates.

Then he fought with referees trying to examine his computer.

Eventually, they found his cheat software. He named it word.exe, so nobody would ever suspect.

“What the Temp folder looked like on forsaken’s PC, caught with cheats on the LAN. Always call your cheat Word and everything will be fine 😂”

Now that he’s banned from CS:GO tournaments and OpTic’s team lineup, he can go back to cheating people from a call center, an environment more suitable for this nonwhite animal.

The reality is that banning cheaters from video game tournaments is just another form of white supremacist bigotry.

This year’s CS:GO Major in London had a familiar sight in the finals. Despite a massive, global system of tournaments and minors meant to diversify the sport by giving teams from Asian, African, and Arabian countries chances to sit at the major there were just white men sitting at all the top spots at the end of it all. The best nonwhite team in the world is Tyloo, from China, and they still get absolutely destroyed when they try to compete in the major against European teams. In the decades I have been watching pro CS this has been a constant: some rich Chinaman will fund his kid’s CS team and they will get rekt as soon as they hit the majors.

The top two teams of this year’s major were Natus Vincere from Ukraine and Astralis from Denmark.

As with many things in history, it comes down to Eastern Europe against Western Europe. Sometimes there’s a rare American team in the finals, but American champions Cloud 9 fucked themselves this year by making a Moslem “Swede” who didn’t even speak English as his native tongue their team leader for no other reason than pointless excesses of diversity, and they got destroyed as a result. We’re back to all-European CS major winners for the foreseeable future.

Whites have always ruled this game, and will always rule this game. It is a game of information retrieval and group coordination, which whites outpace every other race on earth at when they aren’t being manipulated by Jewish media into engaging in fratricidal conflict.

FaZe used to be my favorite team, and I am still a huge fan, but for years now I have been an avid fan of Natus Vincere. I say this not only because I love Ukraine and think it has the greatest nationalist culture and the hardiest people of all Europe, but because objectively Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is the most entertaining CS player alive. Yes, the champions this last major were Astralis, and they are an excellent and solid team, but I find their CS passionless. Astralis is all about methodical playing of the percentages. There are very few surprises. In contrast, NaVi is built atop one man, s1mple, who plays with the fury of a mad cossack who has drank too much hrenovuha. He rips entire pro teams apart singlehandedly. His read on adversary timing and position is otherworldly, as if he keeps a clockwork model of the footsteps of the entire team of 5 ticking in his head from the minute they leave the spawn. His daring pushes frequently break all known rules of CS pro play and leave you aghast in awe of his skill, as do his trick and jump shots. Watching Astralis play is watching a formula of smokes and flashbangs and crossfires being calculated. Watching s1mple play is watching the whirling art of a mad dancer and the joy and playfulness of an exhibition shooter, all in the same package. There is no esports champion more commanding of recognition than s1mple.

Despite s1mple providing us CS:GO fans with continuous delights, the building up of minors in Asia has had a huge detrimental effect on the sport as a whole now. These people are not capable of competing at the pro level and they know it– so they resort to cheating and it leads to public embarrassments like this. Worst of all, all the money spent on the minors has done nothing but subsidize third world teams who are not pro-level CS players and reduced the purse size and excitement of the bigger events. Why should inept teams of sub-pro level players have their efforts subsidized when the #9 team in the world at the London 2018 major got less than $9000 in the purse– hardly enough to cover flights and hotels for a whole team? At what expense are the top levels of players meant to sacrifice their own lives and well being on the altar of diversity? Is merely having an Indian team exist (who cheats) worth the 8 pro teams that made it to the major at the own expense and had to return home with not a single dime, having outlaid the expenses themselves? What’s the point of that?

It’s time to ditch the massive, pointless investment into Asia minors and just let the competent (white) players make a decent living. We don’t need token street shitters, Moslems, and chinks who can’t actually compete marketed as pros just for the sake of being not racist. Let the champs do their thing, and those unworthy of the game rot in the shitholes that they come from.