Deep Fake Biden Bitches Out and Doesn’t Declare War on Russia

Joe Biden announced a speech on Russia, and everyone was like “ohhhhh.”

But then he just gave a bumbling and nonsensical 5 minute statement that he believes in a disproven Russian hacker conspiracy theory so he’s expelling diplomats and escalating tensions. He plans to take revenge, he said.

He’s not declaring war, he’s saying he doesn’t want psycho-reckalitions (???).

After the 5 minute speech, he took two questions, totaling about 90 seconds of added time, and left the stage in under 7 minutes.

Is he a deepfake?

I don’t know?


Nah, I mean – no reason to believe he’s a deepfake. It’s just a weird thought that he really, literally could be a deepfake, and we would have no way of knowing.

It’s also a weird thought that we have no idea who is running the government right now. It sure as hell isn’t him, everyone gets that. But people think “oh, well, he’s got people around him.” But does he? Who?

Did you see Antony Blinken in Alaska with the Chinese? “I’m hearing America is back”?

That guy isn’t running anything. He’s just a standard twerp.

This guy literally wanted to be a pop star.

Frankly, if I’m just speaking on a personal level, he’s a lot more handsome and less offensive than most Jews. I guess it didn’t take much to be more personable than sausage fingers Pompeo the Hutt.

But he’s not very smart. He said he wanted to move the troops from the Middle East to attack China.

However, whoever is running the government right now seems to want to attack Russia instead.

But yeah, it’s a big, scary thing to have no idea who’s running the government.

The military appears to be acting on its own.

One thing that is also happening: he is stacking the Supreme Court.

Jewish Jerry said they’re not packing the court, they’re unpacking it.

I guess that means, uh… well, it’s something to do with racism or equity or whatever.