DEEEEEZGUSTING: Donald Trump Jr. Joins Up with Gorka’s Orcas!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2019

I thought Don Jr. was supposed to be the based one?

And he’s joined up with Gorka’s Orcas attacking freedom of speech in the name of the Christ-killing Jews?

And joining the Orcas through the homosexual Jew Dave Rubin?


As people take sides in the Groyper War, lining up with either Charlie Kirk or Nick Fuentes, I was hoping that all members of the Donald Trump family would stay out of it for a while.

I guess probably Charlie Kirk called in Don Jr. to join his war and asked him to join up with Gorka’s Orcas, but all Don Jr. could manage to do was like a tweet.

If this escalates and Don Jr. goes full-Orca with Gorka, we’re gonna have a complete Mexican stand-off.

I don’t even understand why Don Jr. is a member of Turning Point USA in the first place.

Does he need the money? Is he trying to get in on the Sebastian Gorka boomer cooom pills market?

I just don’t get it.

Anyway, we should be able to get Donald Trump Sr. on our side at least. Though he probably has less power than his son, given that his son is connected with the Gorka’s Orcas Boomer Pill Gang.

What the hell is even going on anymore?

Does anyone know?

Well – whatever.

We got a thinly veiled shoutout of support from Tucker last night, which means a lot more to me than whatever Donald “Weirdly Odd Face” Jr. Trump is doing.