Declassified Facts Show That the FBI Got the Plan for the Russian Hoax Directly from Hillary Clinton

I’ve vowed not to ever do anymore deep dives into Russiagate, because I spent two years doing that, and now feel that every second I spent on it was just a waste of time, and I shouldn’t have commented on it at all beyond saying, “this is just a bunch of silly bullshit.” People will believe nonsense. That’s the takeaway. If you know something is nonsense on its face, you don’t need to know all of the details.

However, without going deep, something pretty major in the field of Russiagate hoax research happened this week: it appears to have been confirmed that Hillary Clinton herself came up with the entire plot to smear Donald Trump as a Russian spy.

We already knew that Hillary Clinton bought the Pissgate document from the Jew son-in-law of William Kristol, Matthew Continetti, the editor of the Washington Free Beacon. That has been known since 2017.

The billionaire hedge fund Jew Paul Singer wanted Marco Rubio, and he funds WFB, so they commissioned Fusion GPS to produce fake intelligence on Donald Trump. At some point after Trump was the presumed nominee, Hillary got ahold of the document, and then her and the DNC both continued to pay its author, Christopher Steele, to expand it.

A letter sent from Director of National Intelligence Chief John Radcliffe to Lindsey Graham in response to the latter’s request for information on the Russiagate scandal makes this situation even dumber.

(Thankfully, the information is condensed into a letter – I am incapable of reading any more declassified documents relating to this hoax for the rest of my entire life.)

Apparently, the initial discussion of the Clinton plan to smear Trump as a Russian spy came as a result of spying on the Russians and finding that they were talking about a plan by Hillary Clinton to smear Trump as a Russian agent.

John Brennan briefed Obama on the fact that Hillary Clinton was planning this.

Then, intelligence forwarded Clinton’s plan to James Comey and Peter Strzok.

What that means is that Clinton herself came up with the initiative for this whole entire Russian plot. Well, technically, Paul Singer initiated it, but the plan which was picked up by Comey and Strzok came from Clinton.

Just imagine it: the FBI gets a call from intelligence that says that in monitoring Russian intelligence, they uncovered a plan by Hillary Clinton to blame Russian intelligence for the success of Donald Trump. The FBI looks into and says, “yeah, you know, this is a really good idea.”

How goofy? 

Then, the FBI used the Steele Dossier to get a FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. Meaning, they got it from Hillary Clinton, and took it to the FISA court, and opened up that entire box.

As we all know, the Justice Department then opened up a two year investigation of Donald Trump after he fired James Comey, again using the claims that came from this fake document, which they knew was commissioned by Hillary Clinton because they got it from Hillary Clinton after intelligence had alerted them that she was designing this hoax.

It’s almost as though these people should be punished for this, huh?

I mean, with all of this information now open, public and admitted by all parties, you’d think it would be about time for the Justice Department to bring charges, maybe.

Trump has for months been calling for Lindsey Graham to call Barack Obama to testify, and he won’t do it.

William Barr has said outright that he won’t prosecute Clinton or Obama, apparently on principle.

This is all just so stupid.

We wouldn’t be talking about Trump potentially having to fight a war in the street to stop a coup attempt by the media and the Democrats if this Russian hoax had been blown open, because there wouldn’t even be a Democrat Party after that.

You could basically end up putting the entire leadership of the party in prison. You could also completely remove this entire “deep state” intelligence establishment.

But William Barr won’t do anything about this, just like he won’t do anything about Antifa burning the country down, just like he won’t do anything about Ilhan Omar getting caught running the biggest election fraud scheme in American history.

The people responsible for this are these: Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Breitbart, and all the rest of the alleged right-wing media. They will not tell you what is happening. All they will do is talk endlessly about the DEMON-rats, without ever telling you that the government has the absolute ability to deal with all of this and is simply refusing.

I don’t even think Trump himself knows how bad Barr is. He’s not a legal scholar. And I don’t think he has anyone in his office that is willing to tell him the truth about this stuff.

My hope is always that Barron Trump is a Stormer and is trying to inform him about these issues. But ultimately, as I say, Tucker Carlson is going to have to address this. He’s the only one of us that has a line to Trump, so this is a responsibility that is on him.