Decision Time for the Alt-Right: Which Way, White Man?

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 22, 2018

Those who follow the “movement” drama of the Alt-Right are aware that we’ve been in a pretty continual state of upheaval since Charlottesville. All of this culminated at the recent Richard Spencer/Traditionalist Worker Party event at MSU, which was shortly followed by the complete collapse of TWP.

The movement has now reached a decision point, and the nature of this is continuing to cause conflict.

Let me just start at the beginning here, both for those who don’t know the story and for those who have perhaps gotten so deep in it that they’ve lost perspective.

In the Beginning, There was /pol/

The beginnings of the Alt-Right were on the 4chan message board. This is where people initially started discussing Jews and race, along with the history of WWII, in a frank and realistic manner.

This discussion influenced me greatly at a point in my mid-twenties when I was still struggling to get a grip on the nature of life and the universe. I started a blog called “Total Fascism,” which was mainly focused on historical revisionism with regards to Nazism and other fascist movements of the 20th century.

When I started that blog, I was just beginning to understand and envision what a pro-white movement in the modern era would look like. I went to Greece and for a year observed that society and the Golden Dawn, their nationalist party. The key takeaway from that experience was that Greeks had a cultural framework based on a common identity which allowed a nationalist movement to work, and that for such a movement to work in the United States, there would first have to be established an awareness of our identity as white people.

So I started the Daily Stormer, a platform to use commentary on the news to continually reenforce my basic premises.

  • White people are unique and they are a group and they have a right to defend their interests
  • Jews are a negative force, which exists purely to harm whites
  • All of the cultural, social and political trends being pushed by the Jews are negative
  • Whites do not benefit from the presence of racial minorities, and these groups should be expelled
  • The singular goal of the site was to create a counter-culture movement, within which a cohesive racial identity could be incubated.

Then of course as supporting narratives were the traditional normie conservative positions:

  • Anti-feminism
  • Anti-homosexuality
  • Anti-pornography
  • Pro-family
  • Pro-Christianity
  • Pro-gun
  • etc.

The core concept was that we have to create a popular movement, which millions of people support, and that the method of doing that is through manipulation and exploitation of the Jewish-dominated existing culture using memetics.

This worked very well. And when Trump came along, his narrative was very easily coupled with my own.

Throughout the last five years, I have had the exact same goal, which is to get as many people as possible on-board with our agenda.

Although I had known the guys from TRS since Total Fascism days, it took them a little bit longer to come around, though by the Trump campaign era we were pretty much on the same page.

Then Comes “The Movement”

When I initially founded the Total Fascism website, people from the old White Nationalist movement came around, because I was writing something similar to their own views in a way that was popular. I briefly engaged some of these people, but found that it amounted to an endless circlejerk of different personalities arguing with one another. So I didn’t engage long.

Instead, I remained on my site doing what I found to be productive, which is spreading the message to normal people.

During the Trump campaign, we were all very concentrated on the goal of getting Trump elected, and we were working toward that goal through engaging the culture with our ideas.

And during the election, the media began taking notice of us. Before Trump, me and my website had been a curiosity, with the occasional article being written. Then I got more attention than I wanted when Dylann Roof was alleged to have commented on the site. But then with Trump – this entire situation went haywire. I was propelled to the status of a semi-celebrity, just for writing a website. I was framed by the media as a “Neo-Nazi leader,” which I found curious and hilarious.

Before 2015, I had tended to argue when I was referred to as a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist,” as I viewed this as a slur. Furthermore, although I had always written positively of Hitler when he came up in the news, I had generally avoided using swastikas on the site. But being framed as a “Neo-Nazi leader” was fun, and so I went with it. I will never forget the first time, when on the phone with a journalist from TIME, I was asked how I identify and I said “Neo-Nazi and white supremacist” and this guy paused for like 5 seconds and said “uh, okay.” He didn’t print that term in the article, because he could see he was being fucked with, although I don’t think he really understood how.

From 2015 onward, I used that term continually, as a way of mocking the media by seeming to embody a ridiculous stereotype that Jews had created with films like American History X.

Also in 2015, the term “Alt-Right” emerged, along with the talk of a “movement.” Before that – people will either remember or not – it was the Daily Stormer, TRS and /pol/ (mainly) promoting ideas and there was no definitive term for it. Although there was some argument about what it meant, “Alt-Right” became a catchall term for white nationalism and borderline white nationalism.

And things were good. We were all working together, with our articles and podcasts and our trolling and Twitter posts, we were having fun and we were winning.

And we did win.

We elected a President.

The Big Come Down

After the election, there was a type of depression that set in, and people began arguing with one another in a public way.

The “lite” elements who had previously identified as Alt-Right split off after Richard Spencer raised a glass at NPI.

An entire group which included Mike Cernovich, Paul Joseph Watson and various YouTubers backed away from the term Alt-Right, getting caught with the term “Alt-Lite,” which was followed by them retreating from previously held positions and becoming edgy conservatives.

The white nationalist Alt-Right hardened, becoming a more or less cohesive white nationalist ideology.

But there was not a clear direction. We had all of this media attention on us, all the time, and there was this frantic compulsion to run with that, as if it implied that we were just about ready to take over if we made the right moves.

In hindsight, I am able to see very clearly that the media was manipulating all of these developments for their own purposes.

They initially blew us up as part of an attack on Donald Trump. “These Nazis support Trump” was something that they thought was a very powerful narrative. Furthermore, they were using us to try to shame white people generally. Most importantly however, putting this amount of attention on us was a way to lure us into an environment that we were not prepared for.

With the spotlight on him, Richard Spencer began speaking at universities, and the first few of these events were very good. He spoke and people listened, many attended, there was media coverage, it felt like something was happening.

And so Charlottesville was planned.

And then Charlottesville happened.

It was by the biggest story of 2017: “Neo-Nazi white supremacists attack Virginia town, kill a woman in a car crash, Donald Trump refuses to disavow, everything must now be shut down because these people are a danger.”

All of the sudden, our carefully constructed online image disappeared, and we were now being spoken of in the same terms used when speaking of terrorists.

A bunch of guys ended up in jail and everyone got sued.

Countless people were doxed and lost their jobs.

The Jewish groups which had been trying to shut down our online operations finally started getting their wish. The Daily Stormer became the most censored publication in history, being the first legal website ever to be denied the use of backbone services, everyone else was kicked off of all kinds of different platforms.

In less than a year between the election and that fateful day in August, we went from the highest high to the lowest low.

I Was So Much Younger Then

I will be the first to admit that I did not understand this stuff when it was happening. I do not think anyone did, and I am not sure they could have.

Like a naive boy, I thought Charlottesville would be an amazing thing. That our guys would go out there and speak, that we would prove that we were a true ideological movement made up of real people. That this would send a message to disenfranchised young white men across America and across the world that they are not alone and they have nothing to be ashamed of.

But it didn’t work out that way.

When James Fields wrecked that car and the Jewish Mayor of Charlottesville, the black police chief and the black Vice-Mayor went out there and said “this is terrorism” – and the entire media repeated that word in unison – it was clear that the whole thing had been a setup. The police had purposefully created that chaos. They drove the Alt-Righters and the counter-protesters together, on purpose, to create a monumental scene of violence, and counted on people dying. The “terrorism” narrative didn’t make sense for the car crash, but they had already prepared it and so they rolled it out.

We had successfully been lured out of our element, out of the place we were winning by engaging the culture, into a place where we could not win. A place where we would get physically attacked, sued, doxed, thrown in jail and accused of being terrorists, denounced as the ultimate evil alongside imagery to back up that assertion.

This is not to say that everything about Charlottesville was bad. If nothing else, we should understand that it had to happen. We had to learn our lesson.

The Aftermath

In the aftermath of Charlottesville, everything changed.

On my end, the internet itself became hostile to me. I had to keep changing domains, after Godaddy kicked me off and Google just decided to steal my .com.

In the real world, events became more and more difficult. Not simply because they were under more intense scrutiny, but because no one wanted to come out to them. Antifa gained momentum, and violence against us became fully legitimized in the eyes of the media and a certain portion of the public, as we were viewed as terroristic instigators of violence.

Fewer and fewer people attended each consecutive event. The one constant was TWP, a group which had not even been considered Alt-Right before Charlottesville but was now becoming the face of the movement as they were willing to go to these events when no one else was.

Following the Shelbyville march, an event hosted by Matt Heimbach of the TWP which I and others found to be somewhat demoralizing, I encouraged people to stop public events, and begin holding any real life events on private property.

Needless to say, that did not happen, and we ended up at MSU, with Richard Spencer associated with men in black outfits fighting other men in black outfits so that he could manage to give a tired speech to fewer than 20 people. Greg Conte, one of Spencer’s closest associates, was arrested and held and may face felony charges.

Richard Spencer decided to cancel the college speaking events, given that they were not accomplishing any purpose at all other than to demoralize our people and to humiliate us in front of the media as impotent fools– so hated that we had to bring a gang of street fighters in order to simply give a brief public speech.

The goal of using these events to spread ideas is simply impossible to accomplish under these circumstances.

A few days after the MSU debacle, Matthew Heimbach was arrested for beating up with father-in-law and his wife after he was caught sleeping with his mother-in-law, and TWP collapsed.

Where We are Now

We now are at a point where we need to all make our own decisions about how to move forward.

Option A

We have the option, which I presented shortly after Charlottesville, of backing off of any form of planned public event.

We can focus on the culture war. The place where we were winning.

We can continue to hold private meet-ups, and we can do the real life activities which have been successful, which include flyering, banner drops and flash mobs, because these things are very low risk and they actually contribute to the goal of spreading the message.

Along with this, we can begin laying the groundwork for a real political movement.

We can begin to build organizations, like every other political movement in history has done.

We can form communities that are good for our guys, encourage people to get healthy and get good jobs.

We can begin to get guys elected on the local level, as well as build political organizations which can help us fill the void on the right wing that will continue to open up as cuckservatism becomes less and less viable.

This is going to be hard work, but it is the option for the long game.

Option B

We also have the option of continuing to “stay the course” with public protest-based activism, which is now always going to primarily revolve around street violence.

Every Battle is Won Before It is Fought

I am fully separating from anything to do with planned public events. I am going to have nothing to do with this, and I have dissociated with anyone engaging in this.

I simply do not understand what the point of this is. I hear vague insinuations of revolution, but this all just comes across as unhinged and actually nonsensical. No one has explained to me how this is supposed to happen. I cannot picture any potential scenario where it does happen, and no one has been able to refer me to an analysis of how it could happen.

The most basic war strategy is that if you have the ability to choose a battlefield, you choose the one you can win on.

The battlefield of violence is one we are always going to lose on, because the old libertarian line is true: the state has a monopoly on the use of force.

Moving forward with a street-violence agenda means that we will just keep on losing and losing, keep on alienating our natural base more and more, keep on ghettoizing ourselves.

Conversely, on the battlefield of ideas, we have already effectively won. The Jews do not have a winning hand. In any type of open discussion, we win by default.

Their ideas are not popular, and the only way they get away with pushing them is through lies, manipulation and manufactured social pressure. The Alt-Right has a monopoly on truth. This is where we win.

The key goal right now should logically be continuing to normalize our ideas, to get to the point where you can say these things that we believe in the open, publicly, without being physically attacked, without losing your job, without getting kicked off of the internet. And that is not far out of our reach. All we have to do is hit a critical mass point where so many people agree with us that the tide turns in our favor, and someone, somewhere says “I’m not going to fire this guy for that.”

And here’s the thing: we would probably already be there if we had not taken this weird detour through the protest movement scene.

Measuring the Value of Actions in Relation to Goals

At this point, I am unable to even grasp the idea behind protest-based activism. What is it intended to do?

I’ll tell you guys, I am in this thing and I don’t get it.

I feel very strongly that spreading the message is the only reason a real life event would ever be done in the first place, and these events are certainly not accomplishing that. The visuals from MSU are not the type that engender good will among the general public, and definitely not among our natural base.

On the other end, engaging the culture war is not simply a place we can win and win hard, it is a place where the goals are crystal clear. We are trying to get white people to embrace their identity as part of our collective, and to support us in our struggle to secure our future.

The bottom line fact of reality is that Pepe the frog did a hundred times more for white people than all of the pro-white protest movements since WWII combined.

The Process of Political Revolution

We cannot ever do anything if we are not organized, as every other political movement in history has been organized. We have to have lobbying organizations, we have to have community groups, we have to have organizers, we have to have viable financing, we have to have allies in politics, we have to have a significantly larger support base than we have right now.

We went into Charlottesville with absolutely nothing. We didn’t even have lawyers.

Just look at the way leftists are organized. Look at the number of organizations that Black Lives Matter has. Look at the feminists, the Women’s March. This is all heavily structured in ways that most members of the Alt-Right have probably never even given any thought to.

For us, step one is doing the media and ideological writing and creating a base of popular support, because unlike leftists, our natural base doesn’t naturally support us. On that level, we are just de facto handicapped in that we have to convince the people we are fighting for to support us. That is what I have focused on, because it is the first and foremost necessity. I have focused on the idea of using memology to spread these ideas, to embed them in the culture itself, like a virus. It is working. We have built our initial support base, and it is continually expanding.

From here, we can move forward doing the hard work that is involved in changing a society.

The idea that we are just going to go out in the streets and march, and maybe somehow overthrow the government, or maybe the government will collapse spontaneously and we’ll be able to use military tactics to grab territory – this is baby stuff, and it is effectively a nigger-like attitude of “gibs me dat.”

What I’m Not Saying

This topic of the way forward has become contentious enough, with enough confusion and strawmanning (on both sides, presumably), that I feel it is necessary for me to state explicitly what I am not saying.

Firstly, I am not saying “stay on the internet.” In fact I’m saying something close to the opposite of that. I am saying that we need to engage in community-building, primarily. That we need to become a social movement that people want to get involved in.

And I think there should be real life events. Of course there should be. They should simply be done in a way that doesn’t make us look weak and pathetic, or make us look like violent thugs, or result in all of these horrible consequences for the individuals involved. Like I say, and have continually said, if you want to do protests, they should be flash mobs. This ensures visibility for the movement without the risks.

All you are doing by staging any event is relying on the media to cover your event. This isn’t really ever taken into consideration by the people who argue in favor of these events while claiming it is some kind of a solution to media suppression, but you are not performing the event for the few hundred people who might walk by and see it, but rather the thousand or millions that may see it on the internet through the mainstream media.

That is a point I have repeatedly made when people talk about “real life vs the internet” – all that these protests are is an attempt to create internet media, and it is either good media or it isn’t, but it isn’t somehow fundamentally more valuable than internet media, and I dare anyone to challenge that assertion.

So considering this, events should be staged in light of what kind of media coverage they will receive, and thus far, flash mobs have received as much or more coverage than announced events. So there is literally zero reason not to go that route.

(Of course, at any time the media could simply decide to stop covering our events, and they will do that if they ever decide we are winning with this strategy, which is yet another reason a protest movement isn’t a solution to anything, and we need to work on more solid real life organizational solutions.)

The other big strawman is that those of us who are against a protest movement are arguing that we will win through voting.

I don’t understand why the response to criticism of public protests is to claim that those against them think we are going to win by voting, unless the implication is that these protests are somehow destined to transform into an armed revolt against the government. I don’t want to strawman anyone, but I don’t really understand what else the implication of that could be.

But I will say this: we do not know what the future holds. What we do know is that whatever happens, we are going to need millions of people on our side, and we are going to need allies within the political establishment. Furthermore, by engaging in electoral politics, and attempting to exert influence on the established order through this avenue, we are educating people.

Don’t be Downhearted

Wherever you are right now with all of this, keep your chin up. The last thing we need is some kind of a depression spiral. We are going to do what works, and we are going to keep winning. We are winning now in the online sphere – the Daily Stormer has lost how many domains and we keep growing. We have twice the regular readership we had when Charlottesville happened. People are absorbing these ideas and they are spreading them. That is what matters.

This has been a wacky year. We got sucked into a thing we did not understand, and it was difficult to deal with. For all of us.

But we are going to turn this around, I promise you. We simply need to get back to basics, and begin treating this stuff seriously.

The media is saying we are collapsing and so on. Don’t let them gaslight you. That is all part of this little play that they setup, where we were lured into this spotlight prematurely, and lost a rigged game.

But we learned a lesson we had to learn, now we have become anti-fragile.

We have to win. We don’t have any choice.

Hail Victory.